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Enemy Weapon

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Enemy Weapon[1] is a live-action TV trailer that was a part of the Believe advertisement campaign for Halo 3. It portrays the interviewing of two human veterans of the Human-Covenant War while visiting the Museum of Humanity.


In the trailer, an anonymous interviewer questions the UNSC veterans, Roland Huffman and Tomas Navarro, as they walk through the museum. They look at the various captured Covenant weapons, a Brute Chieftain's headdress with a single bullet hole in it, human weapons, and a few human vehicles, including a Warthog and a Scorpion.

The interviewer to the two soldiers about their weapons and duties, cutting to them and their effects during the clip. The interviewer then asks about the Brute Spiker on the display stand in front of them. Huffman describes the weapon and picks it up, activating it and causing blue lights along its surface to glow. Huffman then expresses discomfort at holding an enemy's weapon and puts it down.

After that, he talks to Navarro about how he never believed they would survive, and that the only reason they did is because of the Chief.


  • Huffman: "I was a sniper, used a standard high-powered Sniper Rifle. At 600 yards, it would go through about 13 feet of flesh and bone."
  • Interviewer: "What about you?"
  • Navarro: "Well, I... I used a Shotgun.
  • Interviewer: (referring to a Spiker in front of him) "Could you tell us a bit about that one?"
  • Huffman: "Uh, this one, sure. Um, we... we saw a lot of these. This is an old Covenant weapon. It's a Spike Rifle, we call it the Spiker."
  • Interviewer: "And who used it?"
  • Huffman: "Well, the Brutes, mostly."
  • Interviewer: "Can you show us how it works?
  • Huffman: "Uh, sure, umm, it was a, they used it as a handgun." (picks up weapon) "That's heavy. Holding an enemy weapon... like this is, uh... feels..." (puts weapon down) "Uh, I don't like it. If, um, if you'd have told me a few years ago we would be here in this place talking about this, I'd have said, 'No way, it's not gonna happen.' If there's one reason why we're here, um, I would say it's, uh," (clears throat) "it's because of the Chief."