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Halo: Nightfall Official Trailer

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Halo: Nightfall Official Trailer is a trailer for Halo: Nightfall. It debuted for the first time October 22, 2014 on the official Xbox YouTube channel.[1] The trailer features the song The Liberator in the background.


Open to an establishing shot on Installation 04 with several soldiers walking towards a rocky overhang. The scene fades to black.

Cut to a close-up of an ONI symbol on a soldier's chestplate as the camera pans towards the soldier's TACPAD. The scene fades to black.

  • Randall Aiken: "Especially soldiers. You give your life away so others will live. And take life where only God can give it."

An armored soldier stares at a rocky cliff. The camera shows his holstered M6H magnum, his chestplate, and his MA5D assault rifle. Suddenly, the scene cuts to a bloody individual's hand attempt to grip onto the loose, rocky soil as they are violently dragged away. The scene cuts to black. Cut to a Nightfall helmet. The camera then pans up to reveal the body rests on a piece of Installation 04.

From Executive Producer Ridley Scott

Locke runs across a grassy plain; in another shot he watches as a Taaku Xur-pattern Spirit takes off.

  • Michael Horrigan: "They got their hands on a compound that kills humans and nothing else?"

A wounded ONI agent with black veins is scanned by a doctor. Locke and several soldiers push several wounded individuals on medical beds through a Sedran hospital. An individual is hit by steam inside a shower.

Locke is scanned by an unknown object. Cut to Locke's team.

  • Michael Horrigan: "Covenant's found the holy grail then, haven't they?"
  • Jameson Locke: "It's time to take the war to them."

Cut to several ONI agents and Sedran Colonial Guard soldiers. Cut to Locke loading a M395 DMR inside a dropship.

Cut to several soldiers walking across Installation 04's rocky surface with their weapons ready. A soldier takes aim. Cut to Horrigan firing at an unknown target. Cut to Locke and Aiken.

  • Randall Aiken: "I hear you need a ship."

The camera cuts to a Sedran Colonial Guard D79-TC Pelican. As the camera pans away from the Pelican, it cuts to an armored-female soldier and then to Locke's team.

  • Jameson Locke: "ONI work better alone."

Cut to an ONI agent slamming Arris Le into the ground.

  • Randall Aiken: "Shouldn't fear me, I'm just one man."
  • Jameson Locke: "One man that was a Spartan."

Cut to Aiken looking at the scars along his arms, from his augmentations. Cut to Aiken punching Axl, a Yonhet. The camera then cuts to several soldiers picking Colonial Guard armor and soldiers loading their weapons. Cut to Colonial Guard soldiers and ONI agents aboard a dropship. Locke turns to the stoic Aiken.

  • Jameson Locke: "Ready to go to hell, Colonel?"
This November

Several soldiers stand on a ridge on Installation 04, as the Halo Theme plays.

  • Jameson Locke: "Never thought we'd set foot on a Halo ring."
Prepare for the next chapter

Cut to soldiers navigating through a cave system with flashlights.

  • Gregory Ramos: "Are we really doing this?"
  • Jameson Locke: "Stay on mission."
In the epic Halo saga
  • Michael Horrigan: "Found something."

Cut to soldiers scanning a dark cave while an unidentified creature roars. Several soldiers look at something in the distance.

Cut to Locke taking aim and firing his DMR. An ONI agent fires his magnum. Cut to several soldiers backing away from something. Horrigan fires his assault rifle while the group prepares to retreat into a cave.

A soldier spasms uncontrollably on the ground and screams. Cut to two bloody soldiers trying to hold onto each other, but one is violently pulled away screaming. Cut to Locke taking aim with his magnum.

  • Jameson Locke: "We will not go out like this."

Cut to a Pelican taking off, a canyon, Locke taking cover, Talitha Macer crawling through wiring, and a humanoid individual suddenly transforming into numerous fast-moving Lekgolo. Two soldiers walking inside a dropship, Locke navigating through a tunnel system, a Sangheili Zealot swinging his energy sword at a soldier who ducks, several engineers working on a dismantled dropship, Locke approaching Aiken in the rain, soldiers traversing on a cliff, the soil erupting below a group of soldiers, a soldier is thrown around inside a dropship, Locke leading a group of soldiers, and Macer attempting to grab a hold of something inside a dropship. Finally, a Sangheili holding a silver ball is shown falling off a ledge towards a group of civilians below. As the Sangheili falls, he loses his grasp on the ball. Cut to black. The camera cuts to Locke.

  • Randall Aiken: "My question to you, Commander Locke, how will you lead? And for what?"
Halo: Nightfall