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Halo Wars Call to Battle trailer

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The Call to Battle trailer was a trailer released by Ensemble Studios for Halo Wars. It was released on February 5, 2009 to promote the Halo Wars demo, which became available on the same day.[1] The trailer features prominent campaign footage, including both gameplay and cinematic extracts.


The UNSC Spirit of Fire and its Herons approach Harvest's orbit. Several wrecked ships are seen adrift while the surface of the planet bears marks of plasma bombardments.

  • Narrator: "When the call came to fight, we answered."

Fades to black. The bridge of the Spirit of Fire appears.

Cutter consults a hologram of Harvest.

  • Narrator: "At first, we didn't know who or what we were up against."

Fades to black. Alpha Base is shown under Covenant attack.

Fades to black. Two Spirit dropships are flying over Covenant infantry, on a rocky landscape of Trove.

  • Narrator: "By the time we figured it out, we realized that to survive, we couldn't do this alone..."

Fades to black. Warthogs are seen at a devastated Alpha Base. Several Shortswords are flying over.

  • Narrator: "We would need an army."

One of the Shortswords flies towards the camera. Cuts to black.

Several Covenant forces are battling UNSC forces in a Forerunner environment.

Closeup on a squad of Marines being overwhelmed and killed.

A civilian cargo ship is attacked by Banshees.

The ship is then destroyed.

Several UNSC forces are crossing a broken bridge near Alpha Base.

An Elite dual wielding Energy Swords leads Covenant infantry against UNSC forces.

Red Team arrives aboard a Warthog in a jungle.


Several UNSC and Covenant soldiers are clashing at Pirth City on Arcadia.

Several vehicles are also battling in the city.


Warthogs are crossing the broken bridge once more.

Warthogs are attacking Covenant structures.

UNSC forces bomb Covenant infantry.


A Covenant army is crossing a Forerunner bridge.

Closeup on several Jackal units.

Elites are rushing towards Red Team.

The Spartans ready their weapons.

Cuts to glowing particles which transform into the following.


Demo available now