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War of Wits: The Armrest

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War of Wits: The Armrest is a commercial for Halo Wars 2 released on February 9, 2017. It depicts a comedic duel of wits between Captain James Cutter and Atriox over an arm rest on an airplane.[1]


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Atriox and Captain Cutter are seated next to each other in economy seats of a modern commercial airplane. Cutter reaches to receive a drink from a flight attendant.

  • Cutter: "Thanks, Janice."

As Cutter reaches to grab the drink, Atriox shifts his left arm to lean over the entire left armrest, where Cutter's right arm was just at. Cutter looks at Atriox, annoyed.

  • Cutter: I clearly had the armrest.
  • Atriox: You moved.
  • Cutter: To get the drink.
  • Atriox: You move it, you lose it.

Cutter turns to face the camera.

  • Cutter: I will have this armrest, and this is how.

Fade to Cutter's thought process, still on the plane. Atriox is listening to music via his earbuds.

  • Cutter: (narration) First, I'll employ a small talk offensive.
  • Cutter: (to Atriox) Hey, what are you listening to?

Atriox ignores him and continues listening to his tunes.

  • Cutter: Music? Huh? Is it music?
  • Cutter: (narration) You'll counter by invading my personal space.

Cut to Atriox asleep, leaning over on Cutter's body.

  • Cutter: (narration) I'll retaliate with biological warfare.

Cutter opens a food container, and the smelly food inside rouses Atriox awake. He leans back, groaning from the stench.

  • Atriox: Ooh! Ugh! What is that? Bluh! Mmm!

Cutter turns around, nodding to a boy behind Atriox.

  • Cutter: (narration) Before calling in my covert ops operative Sammy.

The boy begins kicking his feet on the back of Atriox's chair. Atriox grumbles in displeasure.

  • Cutter: (narration) Crushing your will to live.

Atriox lifts his left arm.

  • Atriox: Fine, take it.
  • Cutter: (narration) Ensuring-
  • Cutter: (verbally) Victory...
  • Atriox: Genius, really...

Fade back to the present.

  • Atriox: But, I licked the armrest before you sat down.

Cutter begins to look disgusted.

  • Atriox: Back and forth. Twice.

Cutter gingerly lifts his arm off the armrest, and Atriox puts his back.

  • Atriox: Full tongue.




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