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Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Overview

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Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Overview is a promotional video on the Halo Infinite campaign. It was released on October 25, 2021.[1]


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  • Narrator (Jen Taylor): "Since the beginning, Halo was about Master Chief and Cortana. Partners, protecting humanity. But that is now a distant memory. Humanity is fighting for survival. The Banished have risen, defeated our heroes, and taken control of the mysterious Zeta Halo. We need a savior. We need hope. We need Spartan-117, Master Chief."

343 Industries logo.

  • Master Chief: "We have a new mission soldier."
  • The Pilot: "What is it? What's down there?"
  • Master Chief: "A weapon."
  • The Pilot: "A weapon? How many guns do you need?"
  • Narrator: "In the biggest campaign to date, Halo Infinite invites players to become Master Chief and discover true spartan freedom, in the most wide-open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet. But Chief won't be alone on the journey. His first mission will be to retrieve a new AI, codenamed The Weapon."
  • The Weapon: "It's been six months! Where have you been?"
  • Narrator: "Following the events of Halo 5, Master Chief is searching for the answer to a troubling question: What happened to Cortana?"
  • The Weapon: "I was created to lock down Cortana, but I don't know why. What did she do that was so wrong?"

The Chief interacts with a vehicle pad, and calls in a Wasp.

  • Marine: "Order received, stand by."
  • Narrator: "The answer is somewhere on Zeta Halo. A damaged world full of wonder, mystery and danger. And at every turn, the Banished are hunting Master Chief and the remnants of the UNSC."
  • Escharum: "Victory is already ours. We will meet on the battlefield."
  • Narrator: "The Banished army is spread across the surface. Building fearsome strongholds and outposts with no one to stop them. Until now. From the beginning of the Halo saga, Master Chief has been a hero, ready to fight and win against impossible odds."

The Chief sees Tremonius descending on an elevator.

  • Master Chief: "Incoming."
  • The Weapon: "But, what if it's a friend?"
  • Master Chief: "It isn't."
  • Narrator: "Players now have more freedom than ever before to take down the Banished any way they choose."
  • The Weapon: "Banished facility ahead, Chief. Some kind of salvage operation. What do we do?"
  • Master Chief: "Shut it down. Permanently."

The player enters the Upgrades menu.

  • The Weapon: "What do we have here?"

The camera cuts to a M808 Scorpion inside the Ransom Keep.

  • The Weapon: "Do you see that? Could be useful. If you like that kind of thing."
  • Master Chief: "Oh, I like it."
  • Narrator: "Halo Infinite allows us all to become Master Chief, doing what Spartans do best: defying the odds to take down the Banished. Piece by piece. This won't be an easy fight. Master Chief will take on returning favorites, and surprising new threats, like the agile Skimmers... ...a sadistic Spartan killer named Jega 'Rdomnai..."
  • Jega 'Rdomnai: Say goodbye...
  • The Weapon: "Look out Chief, he looks-"
  • Master Chief: "angry."
  • Narrator: "...and something even more threatening."
  • The Harbinger: "The Forerunners lies are at an end. I am the Harbinger of the Truth. You are not the future."
  • Narrator: "Exploring this vast and fractured world will put Spartan-117 to the ultimate test. But where there is courage, there is hope. Welcome to the new era of Halo."
  • The Pilot: "Is everyone trying to kill you?"
  • The Weapon: "It kind of seems like it."
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December 8, 2021