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This article is about the video series promoting Halo Infinite. For the video series promoting Halo: The Master Chief Collection, see ONI Archive.

UNSC Archives is a video content series tied to Halo Infinite's under its Become marketing campaign. The series consists of a number of trailers similar to the Halo 3 Believe marketing campaign. The series was first teased on the official Halo Twitter account on November 1, 2021.[1]



Main article: Unspoken

Unspoken was the first video released in the series. The video depicted the events following the recovery of Kig-Yar point defense gauntlets by Chris Preston and David Dominguez in 2526, in which Preston, who survived the encounter with the Covenant, recorded a message for Dominguez's parents.[2]

Project Magnes[edit]

Main article: Project Magnes (trailer)

Project Magnes was the second video released in the series. It depicted the video logs recorded by the civilian engineer who developed the Grappleshot under the name "Project MAGNES", interjected by scenes of the engineer talking to her daughter on a video call.[3]


Main article: Lightbringers

Lightbringers was the third video released in the series. It depicted a group of colonial miners volunteered to extract an ore for MJOLNIR's exoskeleton, on an bombarded UNSC excavation site.[4]


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