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This article is about the project that developed the Grappleshot. For the trailer for Halo Infinite, see Project Magnes (trailer).
Grappleshot prototype during Project MAGNES from UNSC Archives - Project Magnes.
The prototype for Project: MAGNES.

"Project: MAGNES. The conductive transfer of unequal mass and high-tensile fibre."
Unidentified engineer[1]

Project: MAGNES was the project proposed by a civilian engineer that led to the creation of the Grappleshot.[1][2]


Project: MAGNES was developed as a wrist-mounted device that fires a grappling hook through a magneto-impulse projector.[3] The device is attached to the wrist-mount via a high-tensile fibre and a self-sharpening Titanium-A fluke.[3] When the grappling hook has attached itself to a surface, users could pull themselves towards the attached surface. The civilian engineer hoped it could be adopted by the United Nations Space Command and integrated into the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor employed by Spartans.[1]


Unidentified engineer working on Project MAGNES from UNSC Archives - Project Magnes.
A prototype of Project: MAGNES being developed.

Proposal for Project: MAGNES, along with the schematics for the Grappleshot, was sent to the UNSC at some point before August 26, 2549. The project was rejected by the UNSC, with one UNSC representative dismissing the high-tensile fibre as a "rope". On August 26, 2549, the engineer built a prototype in her own lab, and begun conducting her own tests, recording each conductive transfer test with the intent to submit the logs to the UNSC for approving the project. On September 14, 2549, the prototype operated successfully during the seventy-eighth test, rapidly pulling the engineer across her lab to the wall she had fired at.[1]

The Grappleshot was eventually implemented to the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor [GEN3] by May 2560. The Grappleshot would allow Spartans to acquire objects that were out of reach, or attach the grappling hook to a surface for rapid movement on the battlefield.[2]

Production notes[edit]

Project: MAGNES may be named after Magnes the shepherd, the mythological figure that was attributed as the one who discovered natural magnetism.

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