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The Battle for Zeta Halo

26th century

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2560 was a year in the 2560s in the 26th century.



January 8

January 20

January 23

January 30

  • The assassination attempt on Escharum backfires and he orders Tremonius and his Banished forces to assault the Mortal Reverie. Spartan Griffin sends an SOS to the squad and warns of an invading Banished force.

January 31

  • Spartan Stone learns that the Banished are gathering a massive invasion force at Riven Gate, heading for the Mortal Reverie. Spartans Makovich and Vettel prepare the UNSC remnants to defend the Mortal Reverie.


February 2

  • The Mortal Reverie fall to the Banished forces led by Tremonius. Outpost Tremonius is named after this Banished victory by Escharum's recommendation.


March 3

  • The surviving Spartans from the Mortal Reverie enact the Rubicon Protocol, a contigency plan to halt the advancing Banished forces on Installation 07 by any means necessary.


Before April 23

April 23

  • Spartan Stone learns that the Banished are transporting Forerunner technology to a site called the Conservatory from scouting Outpost Tremonius.

April 24

  • Spartans Makovich and Sorel learn that Escharum and the Harbinger are planning on capturing 117649 Despondent Pyre, monitor of Installation 07.

April 26

  • Spartan Stone discovers the Weapon's signal underneath the surface of Installation 07 before being ambushed and killed by Jega 'Rdomnai.

April 29

  • Spartan Vettel learns that Spartan Griffin is locked away inside Chak 'Lok's Tower and attempts a daring rescue, but fails.


May 15

  • Spartans Makovich and Sorel enter the Conservatory and follow the Banished inside, but are ambushed and killed by the Hand of Atriox, composed of Jega 'Rdomnai, Hyperius, and Tovarus.

May 26

  • Spartan Horvath sends a final transmission to the UNSC survivors, pleading for John-117 to return and turn the tide against the Banished.

May 28

  • John-117 is recovered from the remnants of the battle between the UNSC Infinity and the Banished by Echo 216 and its pilot.
  • Escharum discovers that John-117 has returned thanks to the latter's participation in the destruction of the Ghost of Gbraakon.
  • John-117 recovers the Weapon underneath the surface of Installation 07 and defeats Tremonius.
  • John-117 rescues the captured Marines, takes down various high-value targets, assists the survivors in capturing various Forward Operating Bases or FOBs, and shuts down various Banished facilities.
  • John-117 defeats Chak 'Lok inside his Tower and learns of a Banished mining operation into the Conservatory thanks to Spartan Griffin, who dies of his torture.
  • The Weapon helps John-117 defeat Bassus at the Excavation Site and shut down the drill preventing entry into the Conservatory.
  • The Weapon learns of a mysterious entity worse than the Flood recovered from a past exchange between Cortana and 117649 Despondent Pyre prior to the arrival of the UNSC Infinity.
  • John-117 meets the Harbinger, whose plans are to free the Endless from the Cylixes.
  • John-117 and the Weapon learn that the Harbinger and the Banished are planning to repair Installation 07 through Forerunner Spires.
  • Echo 216 gets shot down by 3 Banished AA cannons en route to the Command Spire.[1]
  • John-117 disables the AA cannons and defeat Hyperius and Tovarus.
  • The Harbinger springs a trap on the Weapon while extracting the data needed to enter the Command Spire.
  • While exploring the Command Spire, more of Cortana's past actions are revealed, including her role in the destruction of Laconia Station at the hands of the AI Leonidas.
  • John-117 shuts downs all of the Spires, but the Pilot is captured by Jega 'Rdomnai.
  • En route to the Pilot's rescue, the Weapon discovers that Cortana destroyed Doisac because Atriox refused to join the Created.
  • John-117 survives the House of Reckoning, defeats the remaining Banished leaders, and rescues the Pilot.
  • John-117 and the Weapon discover the true purpose of the Silent Auditorium, the site of Cortana's sacrifice, and defeats the Harbinger.
  • John-117 and the Weapon escape the collapsing chamber through a translocation portal

May 31

  • Echo 216 picks up John-117 and the Weapon as they appear in another location within Installation 07, after being missing for three days. The pilot is revealed to be Fernando Esparza, a civilian engineer. Atriox discovers the Endless in their Cylixes.


October 27