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Rubicon Protocol redirects here. For the Halo novel, see Halo: The Rubicon Protocol.

Nina Kovan: "Asset denial. It means we do whatever's necessary to keep Zeta Halo out of Escharum's hands. The Rubicon Protocol means we don't need permission, don't have to wait around for orders. We've been given free reign, permission to act, to do what's needed, wherever and whenever we can."
TJ Murphy: "So we don't just survive - we make life a living hell for the Banished. If that means armed conflict, or poisoning their water supply, or blowing their munitions supply, we do it every and any chance we get."
— Spartan Nina Kovan and Lieutenant TJ Murphy discussing what the protocol means for them on Installation 07.[1]

The Rubicon Protocol is a United Nations Space Command contingency or directive enacted to stop or slow the advance and plans of Banished forces by any means necessary.[2][3] It was enacted by Spartans Bertold Vettel and Vedrana Makovich on March 3, 2560.[2] After Spartan Nina Kovan and Lieutenant TJ Murphy explained what the protocol meant, Erik Bender summed it up as an order to conduct guerilla warfare while Ensign Isaiah Cameron saw it as a sign that the UNSC survivors were on their own, no help was coming and they were the help in this situation.[1]

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