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This policy details Halopedia's stand on notability, which is loosely based off Wikipedia's notability policy. The focus of this policy is to provide a clear guideline for any form of content.


The dictionary definition for notable means "worthy of attention or notice". It is not synonymous with "fame" or "importance," and even content that editors personally believe are "important" or "famous" are only accepted as notable if they can be shown to have attracted notice (see Requirements). Like Wikipedia, Halopedia bases its decision about whether content is notable enough to justify a separate article on the verifiable evidence that the content has attracted.

Content recognized by the official parties of the Halo franchise are exempted from this criteria.[note 1] Simple recognition is insufficient recognition: in other to be considered "recognized", the content must be included in an official Halo product.


Keeping in mind that all articles must conform with the policy on verifiability to reliable sources, and mere description of the information by official sources are not sufficient toy establish notability; they may be notable based on meeting one of the following requirements:

General content

A content shall be deemed worthy of having its own article when it can be shown that it has all the necessary qualities of an article. It must be shown that:

  • it has significant coverage to the extent that it is more than a trivial mention; or
  • there is a foreseeable certainty that the information will see sufficient and future growth; and
  • the information has reliable and reputable sources that are independent of the subject.[note 2]

If the content is not notable, it can be included in Halopedia by adding it into relevant articles if it has the appropriate level of detail and significance for that article such as Pre-Xbox Halo, or if it can be described in a relevant list such as List of food and drinks. If the information is essentially a copy of a wiki entry (such as Wikipedia), a simple link to that wiki will suffice and that information should be kept in a form of a summary.[note 3]


The requirements listed below are applicable only to quotes that are by (or about) individuals. A quote is considered to be notable if it can be shown to have acquired the necessary quality of information. It must be shown that:

  • the quote itself is independently well known;
  • the subject of the quote is a notable subject that is novel and original; or
  • the quote itself is quotable (otherwise known as quotability).

An important note: a quote entry is recommended to meet at least two of the three requirements, with a particular emphasis on the last requirement ("quotability"). For more discussion on quotability, see Wikiquotes's project page on Quotability.

It should be noted that this section also covers dialogues: where a collection of quotes can be combined into a dialogue, editors are recommended to do so and place them under the Dialogue section (or create such section if it is not present).

Fan content

The requirement under this section is loosely based off Wookieepedia's notability policy for fan content. Articles on fan content, such as websites, games or webcomics, are allowed on Halopedia as long as they are sufficiently notable. In order to show notability, an article on a fan content must pass at least one of the "recognition" requirements as well as the "content" requirement:

  • Official recognition: A fan content which has received official recognition by official parties of the Halo franchise may be a suitable subject for an article.
  • Independent, third party recognition: A fan content which has reliable and reputable sources may have sufficient recognition, even if official recognition is absent or limited to brief mentions.
  • Fan recognition: A fan content which has not been mentioned in mainstream media or recognized by official sources may still be notable if it has widespread recognition within the Halo fan community. Note that this is the hardest form of recognition to substantiate, and the standards of evidence must be correspondingly high.
  • A fan content must be non-trivial (i.e. finalized, completed and of substantial scale within its genre).


  1. ^ In this policy, official parties of the Halo franchise shall be limited to the staff of 343 Industries, Bungie, and Ensemble Studios, and its licensees.
  2. ^ "Reliable and reputable sources" would adopt a similar description of Wikipedia's own independent sources. Examples of independent third-parties are halo.bungie.org, Ascendant Justice (blog) and rampancy.net.
  3. ^ This is also to ensure that Halopedia complies with wiki's own attribution policy.