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This article is about a blog dedicated to the Halo universe. For the Covenant flagship, see Ascendant Justice.

"Our purpose and intent are quite simple: To present and maintain dynamic, compelling and informative coverage of the Halo franchise."
— Ascendant Justice's description[1]

Ascendant Justice was a fan blog dedicated to analysis of all topics related to the Halo universe, including campaign levels, multiplayer, and story elements. It was discontinued on September 28, 2009.[2]


In the summer of 2004, a series of posts concerning Halo 2's secretive multiplayer beta appeared on a forum called Nightly Net.[1][3] These posts prompted a group of Halo fans to create a community called Ascendant Justice. When Halo 3 information began to surface, several members of this community contributed to the Halo 3 Data Archive, which at the time was the most expansive collaboration of Halo 3 information and speculative discussion. The site has since disbanded, though the forum community is still alive and well.[4]

Three of those contributors came together with the desire to document and discuss Halo 3's lore. The culmination of that purpose has been manifested in Ascendant Justice.

The blog was discontinued on September 28, 2009, when Vociferous and Copopjojo joined 343 Industries.[2]


  • Jironimo (Ivan[2]), the blog's leader, was a member of the group since 2004.[1] He assisted the blog financially and helped with its design and objective.[2] He was very dedicated to the blog and to the Halo community, though he generally "stay[ed] out of the limelight."[1]
  • Cocopjojo (Jacob Benton) has been a fan of the Halo franchise since its first game. He assisted the blog by keeping up with recent events in the Halo community.[1]
  • Vociferous (Jeremy Patenaude) has also been a Halo fan since the series' inception. During Ascendant Justice's run, he wrote numerous articles about the Halo games' stories. Prior to that, he contributed to the Halo 3 Data Archive.[1]
  • Hayes assisted the blog with networking- and IT-related tasks.[1]

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