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Halopediaman may be here, but still feel free to try your luck with a message. progress-wheel.gif

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Quotes of ...woah's: "I have Evolved Combat. I have saved Earth from utter destruction. I have prepared to drop. I have finished the fight. I remembered Reach. I have trembled as teeming hordes of invincible alien monsters punished my slightest error with instant death... again and again. I have faced opponents who have never known defeat, who laugh in alien tongues at my efforts to survive. It was suicide. "I have walked the edge of the abyss. I have seen your future."" ~Cortana

Quotes of lulz: "This is no more of a war then theres a war between man and maggots. Or dragons and wolves. Or men riding dragons throwing wolves at maggots."

" we want George to be our MoIA or Chris? I know I'm gonna have to sleep on that one....before I stop laughing."

If you have a quote you want me to put here one day, go ahead and message me about it.

Halo and me

One day I was walking in the store and I saw Halo CE (PC). It looked like an ok game. So I bought it. When I got home it wouldn't load 100% on my computer. About 2 years I saw the game case and thought to try it again. It worked! I was addicted until I beat it on every difficulty. Then comes Halo 2. I wanted it so bad I got an X-Box just for it. I beat it on every difficulty too. Halo 3, same thing with Halo 2. It was the only reason I got the X-Box 360. After I beat it, I then found Halopedia and now I'm here.

Questions, comments, concerns for me?

1.How long have you been here for?

  • I lost track

2.The link to your fanon is broken.

  • It's been fixed.

3.How do you get user boxes?

  • You copy and paste the template.

4. Your awsome, your page is awsome, rock on good friend. ZodiacReborn

  • Thanks for those!