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Tom Porowski





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Since my first edit on April 28th, 2008 I've happily been a part of the community. That said, I'm pretty much inactive now days.

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Same. Not much going on, so I'm just tryi9ng to relax.


Hello, Halopediaman. What's going on?


Hay halopediaman Could you put this quote on you page? I have Evolved Combat. I have saved Earth from utter destruction.

I have prepared to drop.

I have finished the fight.

I remembered Reach.

I have trembled as teeming hordes of invincible alien monsters punished my slightest error with instant death... again and again.

I have faced opponents who have never known defeat, who laugh in alien tongues at my efforts to survive. It was suicide.

"I have walked the edge of the abyss. I have seen your future."


when i saw it i thought wow. this is epic so i thought you should put it on your page

peace spartan 117


Congrats on Halopedian of the Month.