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Ralph as a Marine
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c. 2511


During the Human-Covenant War[1]





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Only known Spartan-II to have joined the UNSC Marine Corps


Ralph-103[2] was a SPARTAN-II supersoldier of the United Nations Space Command's Naval Special Weapons division. After being discharged from the program[3] Ralph served in the Marine Corps until his death during the Human-Covenant War.[4]



Ralph was abducted and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program by Dr. Catherine Halsey in 2517 when he was about six years old. He and the other candidates were taken to the planet Reach and trained by the AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. In 2525 he and the other candidates underwent a series of augmentations to improve their physical abilities. Ralph "washed out" before all the physical alterations could be introduced to his body. Certain enhancements were curtailed, making him physically superior to baseline humanity yet inferior to his successfully augmented comrades.[5][note 1]


Ralph as a teenager after escaping the SPARTAN-II program.

A few weeks after the augmentation procedures, Ralph, Daisy-023, Joseph-122, and two other Spartans rebelled against their trainers, taking them hostage and demanding that Dr. Halsey let them leave. Halsey granted them freedom and they escaped Reach as stowaways, hoping to return home to their families. Soon after escaping, Ralph returned home and encountered his flash clone, whom he realized was ill. Suffering a psychological breakdown, Ralph killed his clone. He was soon captured along with Daisy and was returned to Reach.[4]

Discharge and post-program life[edit]

Ralph was eventually discharged from the SPARTAN-II program due to his psychological condition. After his dismissal he was adopted by a family and lived a normal life. Although some of his gene treatments were curtailed and suppressed,[5] there were some irreversible changes that made his appearance different from other children of his own age when he assimilated into civilian life. Due to his upbringing and physiological differences, his transitional years were easier for him, though he had tendencies of bullying weaker children. However, this was viewed as a phase and not a trend.[6]

Marine Corps service and death[edit]

Though his Spartan augmentation was largely diminished, Ralph's physique remained greater than that of a baseline human.[5] Ralph enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps and later participated in the Human-Covenant War. During an engagement with the Covenant on an undefined world,[note 2] Daisy-023 attempted to assist him and a group of other Marines. After being mortally wounded by Needler fire, Daisy unsuccessfully attempted to cover the Marines' retreat. Ralph and the other Marines were killed by a fuel rod projectile while trying to escape in a Pelican dropship.[4]

After Ralph's death, an Office of Naval Intelligence scientist named Mike sent a letter to another scientist, Agnes, regarding Ralph's life and his reintegration into society.[6]

Production notes[edit]

Concept art of Ralph-103 and Daisy-023.
  • Ralph was voiced by Leraldo Anzaldua.[7]
  • Homecoming and the 2010 revised edition of Halo: The Fall of Reach refer to Ralph as Ralph-303. In a forum post on February 15, 2010, Frank O'Connor commented that Ralph's unusually high Spartan tag might eventually be explained. However, the issue was never resolved as such and Ralph's tag was instead retconned to 103.[2]
  • In Halo: Mortal Dictata, Serin Osman mentions that only one Spartan has ever retired because they failed to process any augmentations like Osman.[8] It is possible that Osman is referring to Ralph, though she may instead have been referring to Maria-062.

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  1. ^ The Adjunct section in Halo: The Fall of Reach makes no mention of Ralph failing to adapt to the augmentations. His discharge is instead noted to be due to the psychological trauma he suffered between the procedures and his recovery by ONI. However, the two explanations for his discharge do not contradict each other so they are both included in the article.
  2. ^ According to a series of "trading cards" posted on Facebook as part of a promotional campaign for Halo Legends, the battle in Homecoming takes place on Harvest. However, the same cards also erroneously claim Harvest is Daisy's homeworld, and have other mistakes, such as spelling Sergeant Hauser's name as "Howser". In addition, the planet is shown to have moons in Homecoming, whereas Harvest has no natural satellites. The site of the battle in the episode also has a number of visual allusions to Daisy's flashbacks of her homeworld, which could imply the scene takes place on Sargasso and would thus date the battle as late as 2546. This is supported by the opening narration, which states that the Outer Colonies are already gone at the time, implying the episode takes place after 2535. Whatever the case, Jeff Easterling has stated that 343 Industries have chosen to leave the setting vague for the time being.