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Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson and members of the Colonial Militia on Harvest.

26th century

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2525 was the year in the 2520s in the 26th century. It was a year that saw the start of the Human-Covenant War, which would become a twenty-seven year long engagement between the Covenant Empire and the United Nations Space Command. The war began after first contact between the belligerents at the human Outer Colony of Harvest. The emergence of the Covenant threat prompted the training of the Spartan-II supersoldiers to be accelerated and a group of them were selected for their very first live combat mission in September of this year, an operation to capture the United Rebel Front colonel, Robert Watts.



January 2

January 5

January 16

January 17

January 18

  • Fortitude wakes up, the hangover effect of the stimulants taking hold. The Vice Minister of Tranquility alerts him to the Luminary detections made by Minor Transgression. They resolve to use them to usher in an Age of Reclamation and secure their position as the next trio of Hierarchs.[7] Walk of Shame is dispatched to Reach to request that FLEETCOM send a battle group in the event of first contact escalating into bloodshed.[8]

January 19

  • Johnson regains consciousness and is debriefed by Nils Thune and al-Cygni. Johnson resolves to accelerate the militia's training.[9]


February 3

February 9

February 11

February 22

February 23

February 28


March 6

March 9

March 25

  • The Spartan-IIs awaken aboard Endurance and Halsey assesses the results.[21] Thirty-three Spartans successfully pass the alterations.[23] Thirty subjects have died,[Note 1] and twelve are permanently disabled.

March 30


April 1

April 20

April 21

  • Mack detects the CMA Argo enter Harvest's orbit. He attempts to warn Argo of the Covenant, but the scout ship is destroyed by Rapid Conversion.[27]

April 22

  • John-117 kills two Marines of the 105th Shock Troops Division and severely wounds another aboard Atlas in an incident secretly engineered by ONI to test the efficiency of the SPARTAN-II augmentations.[28]


May 11

  • Preston Cole's liver fails from cirrhosis, and is subsequently replaced - as are his damaged heart and endocrine system - with flash-cloned transplants.[29]


June 27

  • Dr. Halsey begins to plan therapies, experimental surgeries, and rehabilitations for over eighty percent of the SPARTAN-II augmentation washouts. Some of the protocols are estimated to take years to complete. Artificial intelligences predict a fifty percent success rate, though Halsey believes the Spartans' will to serve the UNSC will boost the success rate.[25]

June 28

June 30

  • The NAVSPECWEP approves the limited-run production of the MJOLNIR Mark IV armor, four months after the prototypes were sent.[25]
  • A test case file was unintentionally "attached" to an official response to Catherine Halsey. The file showed a volunteer attempting to use a prototype of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, resulting in his death due to his lack of training and proper physiology.[25]


July 1

  • Mack begins burying the MagLev strands of the Tiara as the Covenant begins to glass Harvest.[30]


August 8


September 1

September 11

September 12

September 14


October 7

  • Battle Group 4, composed of the CMA Heracles, the CMA Arabia and the CMA Vostok enters the Epsilon Indi system and make contact with a Covenant ship. The Covenant ship destroys the Vostok and the Arabia with only the badly damaged Heracles escaping.[36]
  • The Covenant ship broadcasts the following message to the battlegroup: "Your destruction is the will of the Gods...and we are their instrument," in complete English, showing that the Covenant have been studying humanity for some time.[37]

October 15

October 31

  • FLEETCOM recieves the Covenant's declaration of war.[38]


November 1

  • UNSC is put on full alert for the Covenant. The training of the SPARTAN-IIs is accelerated.[37]
  • The CMA combat forces are immediately placed under the UNSC's NAVCOM/UNICOM for preparation for the upcoming war.[39]

November 2

November 3

  • Dr. Halsey begins to analyze the Covenant.[25]

November 5

  • Many high-ranking personnel within the UNSC begin to show fear of the Covenant. Dr. Halsey and Franklin Mendez discuss the SPARTAN-IIs and Covenant threat.[25]

November 6–27

November 27

  • The Battle of Chi Ceti. The SPARTAN-IIs are delivered to the Damascus Testing Facility on Chi Ceti IV by the UNSC Commonwealth. While en route to the planet, Commonwealth is attacked by the Covenant's Unrelenting. The Commonwealth manages to damage Unrelenting, allowing the Spartans to escape to Chi Ceti IV.[43]
  • Within the UNSC Damascus Materials Testing Facility, the SPARTAN-IIs are introduced and fitted with the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV.[44]
  • While the Spartans are returning to the Commonwealth, Unrelenting returns and attacks the frigate. The SPARTAN-IIs board the Covenant ship. They plant Anvil-II air-to-surface missiles at the ship's reactor and detonate them, destroying the ship—resulting in the death of Samuel-034.[45]


December 1

December 3

  • The UNSC colony Alpha Corvi II is attacked by the Covenant; a large ground force assaults Jamshid, the largest settlement on the planet. Despite having inflicted heavy casualties, an alliance forged by the UNSC and United Rebel Front fails to halt the Covenant invasion, forcing the UNSC to abandon the colony.



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