Bulk Discount

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Bulk Discount
Production information


DCS light freighter


Transporting cargo



Rocket thrusters (in propulsion pod)

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine (in propulsion pod)

Other systems:


Service information


January 20th, 2525

Participated battles:

Skirmish on Minor Transgression

Known commanders:

Charles Okama (fake)


UNSC Department of Commercial Shipping


Bulk Discount, freighter identification code BDX-008814530,[1] was a freighter in the UNSC commercial fleet.


The Bulk Discount was used as a trap by Lieutenant Commander Jilan al-Cygni, with the help from Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne.


Main article: Skirmish on Minor Transgression

While al-Cygni originally believed Insurrectionists were attacking cargo freighters around Harvest.[2] and had laid her trap with them in mind, it was actually the work of the crew of Minor Transgression, a Covenant exploration vessel.

On January 16, 2525, al-Cygni, Johnson, and Byrne appropriated Bulk Discount from Sif, and with al-Cygni's sloop Walk of Shame docked underneath initiated a Slipspace jump to Madrigal. Minutes later both ships exited Slipspace, Walk of Shame disengaged and disappeared from radar contact, and Bulk Discount began transmitting a fake SOS to lure the raiders into attacking. The SOS was picked up by Sif, who verified the transmission was false (the message referenced a nonexistent captain).[3]

Shortly afterward, Minor Transgression arrived and attacked Bulk Discount, using lasers to pierce the freighter's hull and vent its atmosphere to kill any humans on board without harming the relic they sought. When the Jackal complement entered the freighter, they discovered they had accidentally disabled the artificial gravity. Johnson and Byrne, clad in vacuum suits and had therefore survived the loss of atmosphere (and, therefore, presumably still giving the Covenant vessel's Luminary a signal that "relics" has survived the assault as well) subsequently ambushed and killed three Jackals, Zhar among them.[4]

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