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Pulse laser turret

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This article describes the Covenant weapon. For the pulse laser mounted on UNSC prowlers, see XEV9-Matos Nonlinear Pulse Cannon.
A CCS-class battlecruiser firing its pulse laser turrets.

The pulse laser turret is a light Covenant ship-to-ship weapon system. These laser weapons are known to have been mounted on most Covenant ships and starfighters, and are mostly used for point defense but also for ship-to-ship combat.

Design details[edit]


The pulse laser turret is one of the Covenant's primary weapon systems, often classified as a point-defense weapon and compared to the UNSC's point-defense guns. These pulse weapons are affixed to most Covenant ships, including Kig-Yar privateer ships such as the Minor Transgression, and starfighters such as the Type-31 "Seraph"-class. Covenant pulse lasers are typically considered superior to their UNSC counterparts, due to the Covenant's superior power storage systems and gravitic-lensing focal arrays.[1]

Firing operation[edit]

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The pulse laser turret fires by means of laser, using hydrogen fluoride as fuel.[2] Before the weapon fires, it must first charge; during the charge, a sphere of light energy forms around the charging weapon. After finishing charging, the weapon expels a cyan/purple beam of energy. A section of the ship's shielding system must be dropped to allow the pulse weapons to fire completely.[3]


The pulse laser turrets can fire kilowatts of infrared light which could easily destroy circuits on UNSC ships.[4] Damages dealt by the pulse laser turrets are known to be serious threats to most, if not all UNSC ships; a pulse laser salvo is capable of melting through Paris-class frigate UNSC Commonwealth’s 60 cm of Titanium-A armor hull in a single shot.[5] In this instance, the UNSC Commonwealth received severe damage in sections three and four, armor down to twenty-five percent and hull breach in section three .[5] As such, it is believed that UNSC ships with thicker armor would have to take multiple pulse laser salvos to show the same results.

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