UNSC Commonwealth

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UNSC Commonwealth
Halo: The Fall of Reach - The Animated Series screenshot
Production information


SinoViet Heavy Machinery


Paris-class heavy frigate[1]




Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Titanium-A battle plate



At least one Longsword and one Pelican squadron

Service information

Last sighted:

2552 at a SinoViet ship breaking facility, planet Reach

Participated battles:

Battle of Chi Ceti

Noteworthy crewmembers:

Unidentified weapons officer

Known commanders:

Captain Wallace




The UNSC Commonwealth was a Paris-class heavy frigate of the UNSC Navy.[1] In 2525, its commanding officer was Captain Wallace.[5]


Operational history[edit]

The Commonwealth firing Archer missiles at the Unrelenting.

In 2525, the Commonwealth ferried the SPARTAN-IIs along with Catherine Halsey to the Damascus Testing Facility on the planet Chi Ceti IV.[5] There, during the Battle of Chi Ceti, the Commonwealth successfully engaged the Covenant ship Unrelenting.[5] With the assistance of the Spartan-IIs' boarding party, and their new MJOLNIR Mark IV armor, the Commonwealth was able to destroy the light cruiser.[6] The Commonwealth, however, was severely damaged in their first engagement against the Covenant and shortly thereafter rendezvoused with the UNSC Persian Gate to transfer the Spartans and Dr. Halsey to the ship.[7][8]

Despite the damage incurred, the Commonwealth was able to return to Reach for repairs and then presumably returned to service against the Covenant's advances among the Outer Colonies.[9]

Damage sustained at Chi Ceti IV[edit]

The ship took heavy damage during the Battle of Chi Ceti. The damage was:

  • Communications and navigation dishes destroyed.
  • Armor in sections 3-7 down to four centimeters from 60 cm.
  • Hull breach in section three.
  • Ship AI memory core overloaded.
  • Leak in the port fuel tank.
  • Fire in sections one through twenty. (Atmosphere vented, fire extinguished.)
  • Port armor destroyed.
  • Decks two through seven in section one melted away. Decks two through five in sections three, four and five out of contact.
  • Deck thirteen destroyed.
  • Hull structure came close to "buckling" (integrity about to fail) and the MAC system was taken offline.
  • Reactor only able to output ten percent of rated output.

While it was not structural damage, the Commonwealth lost Longsword Squadron Delta in its entirety while pulling away from the Unrelenting to escape the blast of a nuclear warhead.

Decommissioning and scrapping[edit]

Some time between the Chi Ceti incident and 2552, the Commonwealth was decommissioned by the UNSC and was landed at the Asźod ship breaking yards to be scrapped.

When the Epsilon Eridani system was attacked, the Commonwealth became a battlefield venue between the ground forces of the UNSC and the Covenant during the Battle of Asźod. On August 30, SPARTAN-B312 and Emile-A239 pushed through the ship's stripped wreckage in order to deliver a vital package to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.[10]

At the time of the attack, the Commonwealth was well into being scrapped. Already, its entire port-side launch deck was removed, along with its port engines. Its bridge had been taken out, and holes were made on its underbelly to allow staircases to be fitted in for the technicians assigned to take it apart.

Production note[edit]

Several parts of the Halo: Fall of Reach - Covenant depicts Commonwealth as a Stalwart-class light frigate and Charon-class light frigate instead of the canonical Paris class by regarding the frigate model being identical with frigates in Halo 2 and the hangar being similar than that of the frigates in Halo 3.


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