Charon-class light frigate

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Charon-class light frigate
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Production information


  • Escort of capital ships
  • Expeditionary land warfare support
Technical specifications


489.71 meters (1,606.65 ft)[1]


155.58 meters (510.42 ft)[1]


139.20 meters (456.68 ft)[1]


Naoto Technologies: V4/L-DFR[2]

Slipspace drive:



60cm Titanium-A plating[3]



Chronological and affiliation


Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts




The Charon-class light frigate is a type of escort ship in service with the UNSC Navy.[6] Ships of this class are used primarily in fleet escort duties and planetary defense.[6] The class is named after either Charon, a minor god who ferried the souls of the dead to the underworld in Greek mythology, or after a natural satellite of Pluto.

Design details[edit]

Hull and complement[edit]

At 490 meters in length, the Charon is a rather small vessel. Owing to its enlarged hangar bay, the Charon-class frigate is better suited to landing forces groundside than other frigate classes.[6] The ship's sublight power plant is a Naoto Technologies: V4/L deuterium fusion reactor. Translight power is provided by a Series IV CODEN Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine.[2] The Charon has a maximum crew and complement of 782.[4] It can carry several Pelican dropships as well as around two dozen ground and air vehicles.


The Charon-class frigate's primary armament is a Mark II, Light Coil – 83B6R3 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.[2] It also boasts fifty M58 Archer missile pods,[2][note 1], and four dual-mount M870 Rampart point defense guns are mounted on the port and starboard hangar bays, one on the dorsal surface and one below.[7][2] Additionally, the Charon sports three M4093 Hyperion nuclear delivery system silos.[2]

Ships of the line[edit]



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  1. ^ By the standards of UNSC frigates, this number (given in reference to the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn by Halo Bulletin 10.10.12) is unusually high. For comparison, the UNSC In Amber Clad, a Stalwart-class light frigate, is stated to have possessed 16 M58 Archer pods, and the UNSC Commonwealth, a Paris-class heavy frigate, is stated to have possessed 26. It is possible that the 50 pods figure for the Charon-class is an error, or that the individual pods are much smaller than those of other UNSC ships for an unknown reason.


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