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An UNSC heavy corvette being attacked by two Mutan Et-pattern storm cutters.

Corvette[1][2] is a warship classification in the UNSC Navy.[3][4]


Corvettes are the smallest class of warship in the UNSC Navy and one of the fastest ships in the UNSC Navy.[5][6] They are not known for carrying any fighters.[5][6]Like most other Slipspace-capable UNSC ships, corvettes possess cryo bays.[7] Corvettes are generally capable of maneuvering in a planetary atmosphere, and even executing a Class-L flash-dock.[8] Fast-attack corvettes are known to have a modest hangar bay with room for only one SKT-13 shuttlecraft, which can be thought of as a larger version of the Bumblebee used to ferry material and personnel to and from various locations or ships.[5]

Corvettes in use by the 2490s, such as the UNSC Callisto, were powered by a primary fusion reactor and a secondary fission reactor. They had at least fourteen decks and three cargo bays, as well as a hard docking collar for linking with stations or other vessels.[9]


Ships of the line[edit]

Class Fleet or last known tactical grouping Ship Name Hull classification symbol Last known captain Notes
Gladius-class corvette UNSC Gladius Lead ship
UNSC Sagan Blue FS-803
Lancer-class fast-attack corvette UNSC Lancer Lead ship
Mako-class corvette UNSC Pony Express
UNSC Mako Lead ship
Scholte-class missile corvette UNSC Scholte Lead ship
Unknown fast-attack corvette UNSC Two for Flinching
Unknown UNSC Alpina Destroyed over Netherop while attempting to rescue Amalea Petrov's marooned soldiers
UNSC Bum Rush
UNSC Callisto The titular vessel in the Callisto Incident.
UNSC Chalons
UNSC Coral Sea
UNSC Glamorgan

Service history[edit]

UNSC corvettes have been in use during both the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant War. The UNSC used corvettes in multiple engagements during the Human-Covenant War, including the Fall of Reach[4] and the Battle of Earth.[1]

Production notes[edit]

During the development of Halo 3, a corvette known as UNSC Andraste was designed. The ship was removed during the game's development and her hull altered in several aspects, resulting in the Charon-class light frigate. The Paris class from Halo: Reach adopts Andraste's design more or less exactly.

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