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An UNSC heavy corvette being attacked by two Mutan Et-pattern storm cutter.

Corvette[1][2] is a warship classification in the UNSC Navy.[3][4]


The corvettes are the smallest class of warship in the UNSC Navy, and do not carry any fighters. Fast-attack corvettes are known to have a modest hangar bay with room for only one SKT-13 shuttlecraft, basically a larger version of the Bumblebee used to ferry material and personnel to and from various locations or ships.[5] Corvettes are also known as being one of the fastest ships in the UNSC Navy.[6] Like most other Slipspace-capable UNSC ships, corvettes possess cryo bays.[7] Corvettes are generally capable of maneuvering in a planetary atmosphere, and even executing a Class-L flash-dock.[8]

Corvettes in use by the 2490s, such as the UNSC Callisto, were powered by a primary fusion reactor and a secondary fission reactor. They had at least fourteen decks and three cargo bays, as well as a hard docking collar for linking with stations or other vessels.[9]


Prowlers are also considered stealth corvettes.[13][14]

Ships of the line[edit]

Class Fleet or last known tactical grouping Ship Name Hull classification symbol Last known captain Notes
Gladius-class corvette UNSC Gladius Lead ship
UNSC Sagan Blue FS-803
Mako-class corvette UNSC Pony Express
UNSC Mako Lead ship
Fast-attack Corvette UNSC Two for Flinching
Unknown UNSC Bum Rush
UNSC Callisto The titular vehicle in the Callisto Incident.
UNSC Chalons
UNSC Coral Sea
UNSC Glamorgan

Service history[edit]

UNSC corvettes have been in use during both the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant War. The UNSC used corvettes in multiple engagements during the Human-Covenant War, including the Fall of Reach[4] and the Battle of Earth.[1]

Production notes[edit]

During the development of Halo 3, a corvette known as UNSC Andraste was designed. The ship was removed during the game's development and her hull altered in several aspects, resulting in the Charon-class light frigate. The Paris class from Halo: Reach adopts Andraste's design more or less exactly.

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