Poseidon-class light carrier

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Poseidon-class light carrier
Production information


Martian Metals Shipyards[1]



Technical specifications


719.0 meters (2,359 ft)[1][2]


2.8 million tonnes[1]


One thrust nozzle

Slipspace drive:

Presumably equipped


Titanium-A battle plate


Chronological and affiliation


Post-Covenant War conflicts






The Poseidon-class light carrier is a warship in service with the UNSC Navy following the Human-Covenant War.[2]


Design details[edit]

The Poseidon-class carrier is sleek, elongated, and somewhat cylindrical in general shape. Its structure comprises two main sections covered with white plating; in the fore section, the plating mostly covers the vessel's dorsal surface. This plating is absent on most of the underside of the ship and in a spar connecting the two main sections. A series of rectangular blue lights are arranged in the sections lacking the white plating.[3] 719 meters in length,[1][2] the Poseidon is exceeded in both size and tonnage by the Orion, Epoch, and Punic carrier classes.[4]

What it loses in size and armament, the Poseidon makes up for with its ease of manufacture in the war-ravaged shipyards over Mars and Jupiter. The Poseidon additionally only requires a small crew to operate, allowing it to be pressed into service in 2553 - only months after the end of the war.[1]


The Poseidon is unusual for a UNSC starship in that it does not have a primary Magnetic Accelerator Cannon weapon system; instead, the carrier's heaviest weaponry consists of two Mark 2551 Onager turrets and two M42 Archer missile pods. The carrier's weapons complement is instead more focused on defensive measures, boasting twenty M870 Rampart point defense guns.[1]

Service history[edit]

Transport to Sarcophagus[edit]

After the shield world of Sarcophagus was discovered and colonised, the UNSC Milwaukee was repurposed to carry personnel, civilians and goods between Onyx and the colonies.[5]

New Phoenix Incident[edit]

Several ships of this class were part of Battle Group Dakota alongside a number of Vindication-class light battleships and Strident-class heavy frigates. These ships engaged the Forerunner vessel Mantle's Approach during the Didact's attack on Earth on July 25, 2557.[3]

Ships of the line[edit]

Production notes[edit]

  • Several Poseidon-class light carriers appear in the background of the Halo 4 level Midnight; given their nature they are intended to be seen only from a considerable distance. However, exploiting a glitch allows the player to examine these vessels up close, along with a number of Vindication-class light battleships and Strident-class heavy frigates. Because these ships are intended to appear only as scenery, they are rendered as brushes rather than level geometry; as such, the player can fly the Broadsword through them without harm. By the same merit the ships' in-game models are not to scale with their canonical incarnations.[2]
  • The Poseidon-class carrier and Vindication-class battleship were to be featured in Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide but were cut due to space constraints.[2]


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