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Poseidon-class light carrier

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Poseidon-class light carrier
Production information


United Nations Space Command



Technical specifications


719.0 meters (2,359 ft)[1]


One thrust nozzle

Slipspace drive:

Presumably equipped


Titanium-A battle plate


Chronological and affiliation


Post-Covenant War conflicts




The Poseidon-class light carrier is a warship in service with the UNSC Navy following the Human-Covenant War.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Poseidon-class carrier is sleek, elongated, and somewhat cylindrical in general shape. Its structure comprises two main sections covered with white plating; in the fore section, the plating mostly covers the vessel's dorsal surface. This plating is absent on most of the underside of the ship and in a spar connecting the two main sections. A series of rectangular blue lights are arranged in the sections lacking the white plating.[2] 719 meters in length,[1] the Poseidon is exceeded in both size and tonnage by the Orion, Epoch, and Punic carrier classes.[3] It is armed with point defense guns.[2]

Service history[edit]

Transport to Sarcophagus[edit]

After the shield world of Sarcophagus was discovered and colonised, the UNSC Milwaukee was repurposed to carry personnel, civilians and goods between Onyx and the colonies.[4]

New Phoenix Incident[edit]

Several ships of this class were part of Battle Group Dakota alongside a number of Vindication-class light battleships and Strident-class heavy frigates. These ships engaged the Forerunner vessel Mantle's Approach during the Didact's attack on Earth on July 25, 2557.[2]

Ships of the line[edit]

Production notes[edit]

  • Several Poseidon-class light carriers appear in the background of the Halo 4 level Midnight; given their nature they are intended to be seen only from a considerable distance. However, exploiting a glitch allows the player to examine these vessels up close, along with a number of Vindication-class light battleships and Strident-class heavy frigates. Because these ships are intended to appear only as scenery, they are rendered as brushes rather than level geometry; as such, the player can fly the Broadsword through them without harm. By the same merit the ships' in-game models are not to scale with their canonical incarnations.[1]
  • The Poseidon-class carrier and Vindication-class battleship were to be featured in Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide but were cut due to space constraints.[1]


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