Erőd-class orbital weapon platform

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Erőd-class orbital weapon platform
Artwork of the Erőd-class OWP.
Production information


Orbital defense platform


Planetary defense[1]

Technical specifications


Rapid fire Super MAC[1][2]

Chronological and affiliation


Human-Covenant War[2]




This Erőd-class orbital weapon platform[3] is a classification of orbital defense platform utilized by the United Nations Space Command. They were prominent as the primary ODP classification present during the defense of Reach.[1][2]



This class of OWP has equipped a rapid fire Super MAC,[1] that was among the most powerful ever built. The MAC was powered by ground-based reactors.[2]


During the Fall of Reach, the Covenant targeted the Erőd-class stations and their generators on the surface of the planet.[3]

Stations of the line[edit]

Halo: Fleet Battles[edit]

UNSC MAC Platform[edit]

This element includes a single ODP.

UNSC MAC Platform Capital Ship, Medium (160 PTS)
Movement 0" Systems Loadout
Damage Track 7 • 3 • 3

Point Defence (5)
Titanium Armour (5)

Build Rating 3
Hangars 4
Boarding Craft 2
Security Detail 6
Primary Weapon Range Weapon Loadouts Arc Dice
Super MAC 20/40" MAC (3) Forward 10

The MAC has the following special rules:

Fighter Cover
ONLY Interceptors can be selected by MAC Platforms. Bombers are not available.
Vital Defensive Asset
A maximum of two MAC Platforms per FULL 1000 points are permitted.

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