List of unidentified human ships

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Humanity has created a variety of starship types, some of which however are unidentified.


Infinity commission[edit]

The ship features an open-air flight deck on the top of the hull along with an air traffic control tower. It also featured or accepted the addition of eight engines for in-atmosphere downward thrust.[1]

The class was in use by February 2557, with one such vessel acting as the ceremony grounds of the commissioning of the UNSC Infinity[1] on February 21, 2557.[2]


Several vessels of this class of ship were stationed at Reach during the planet's fall in 2552. During the UNSC Pillar of Autumn's escape following the Battle of Asźod, it flew past debris of this ship class. A much larger version of this ship class was used as well.[3]


In 2513, a ship of a similar looking class was part of the UNSC fleet combating URF forces at Eridanus II. It would be destroyed in an attack by the Iliad.[4]

Three days following the ambush on the UNSC Infinity at Oth Lodon in Artesia-702 system, at least one vessel of this class of ship was used as part of a UNSC task force deployed to repair Infinity and monitor the Covenant space station at Oth Lodon recently captured by the UNSC from the New Colonial Alliance and Covenant mercenaries led by Captain Daniel Clayton and Vata 'Gajat.[5]

Dorsal pods[edit]

The class was in service by 2517, when at least one held station near one of Reach's orbital defense platforms. It can be distinguished by two pairs of cap-like protrusions on either side of the dorsal surface.[4]

Interplanetary War era vessel[edit]

A vessel of some sort was in use during the Interplanetary War, seen fleeing a Jovian Space station.[6]

Slipspace test platform[edit]

A ship designed to test the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine at scale was created. The ship would manage to enter slipspace.[7]

Odyssey era ships[edit]

Various unknown ships were in service around the time of the Odyssey's launch and construction. They were considerably smaller than it and the Phoenix-class colony ship.

Production notes[edit]

The frigate-like ship was originally created by a Halo fan named "calamitySi" under the name "UNSC Frigate Nevada".[8] Concept art for a Halo Wars 2 cutscene featured the ship design before it was cut.[9]

The cruiser-like ship featured in Halo: Escalation was originally a fan design, whom one such model was created by Benjamin Layne as a fan model for the canon Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser, whom a canon design for the Valiant-class would debut in Halo: Fleet Battles several years later.[10] A similar looking ship to it was seen in the Halo: Fall of Reach comic series, although this was based on a model created by V3l0 for the Operation: HOMEFRONT mod.[11]