Oth Lodon

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Oth Lodon
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Oth Lodon is a gas giant located in the middle of the Jiralhanae's territory in space. There are no planetary colonies near the planet. It is orbiting one of the closest stars to Oth Sonin, the Jiralhanae home system. Oth Lodon is orbited by at least three natural satellites. An asteroid field was located nearby.


In March 2558, a human freighter, Pilgrims' Pride, was launched from Oth Lodon. The UNSC Infinity followed coordinates to the planet, where they believed the UNSC Spirit of Fire was located. Instead, the Infinity came across a space station in a nearby asteroid field, manned by members of the New Colonial Alliance and Vata 'Gajat's mercenary group. The space station proceeded to fire upon the Infinity.[1] Thanks to Fireteam Majestic and Sarah Palmer's actions, the UNSC managed to defeat the NCA forces, save the Infinity, and capture the space station.[2]

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