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Production overview


Misriah Armory[1][2][3][4]

Model series:



Surface-to-surface rocket launcher



140.7 centimeters (55.4 in)[3][5][6]


25.9 centimeters (10.2 in)[5][6]


44.2 centimeters (17.4 in)[5][6]


10.8 kilograms (23.8 lb)[3][5]

Ammunition type:

Feed system:

2-rocket disposable tube assembly[3]



Rate of fire:


Effective range:

400 meters (1,300 ft)[8][9]

Service history

In service:


The M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle / Assault Weapon (M41 SSR MAV/AW), formally known as the Medium Anti-Vehicle / Assault Weapon, Bore 102mm, M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Launcher,[12] and commonly known as the Jackhammer or the SPNKr (pronounced "spanker"), is a heavy ordnance weapon used by the UNSC and Insurrectionists.[10] It is manufactured by Misriah Armory.[1][4][8] Nicknames for the M41 SPNKr include Pain, Launcher, Breath of God, and Can Opener.[9]


Third-person view of a SPARTAN-IV reloading an M41 SPNKR in Halo Infinite multiplayer.
A Spartan-IV inserting the disposable twin-tube unit into an M41D SPNKr.

Design details[edit]

The M41 SPNKr is characterized by its two main components: firstly, a reusable launcher that opens and closes with a hinge mechanism, which encircles most of the magazine; secondly, a disposable magazine containing two rockets.[12][10] The launcher is shoulder-fired, and the wielder stabilizes the weapon by holding a foregrip extending from the trigger guard. The weapon uses a unique system for loading and firing: rather than using a traditional magazine or single-shot system, it is fed by a disposable unit with two tubes, each of which holds a single rocket. When one of the rockets is fired, the other is cycled into place; when both have been fired, the operator opens the launcher, removes the twin-tube unit to insert another, and then closes the mechanism around the unit. As such, the M41 is considerably portable,[4] allowing the operator to quickly reload while in combat and greatly reduces the weight he carries without throwing the weapon away. A self-test button on the weapon rotates the twin-tubes to ensure the mechanism will rotate as intended.[13]

The M41 accepts a variety of ammunition types, with the most common being the unguided M19 102mm surface-to-surface missile.[1] Other ammunitions include the M21 antipersonnel rocket,[7] guided missiles, and hunter-killer loitering munitions.[3]

Many M41s are equipped with a smart-linked fire control module and target tracking systems; these systems allow the operator to track a target, which often guarantees that the target will be struck, even if it attempts evasive maneuvers.[1] While the M41 rocket launcher is optimized for ground targets, engineers at Misriah Armory have developed tweaks,[5] integrating an enhanced tracking system on certain models of the M41.[4] Subsequently, some launchers are capable of tracking both ground-based and airborne targets,[14][15] while others are capable of tracking only aircrafts.[16] Some M41s lack any form of tracking technology, requiring the operator to "dumb fire" the weapon without targeting assistance.[17][18][19]

Multiple variants of the M41 have been observed, with functional and aesthetic differences. Although the M41D SPNKr has no magnification optics attached, it possesses a smart-linked fire control module. The M41D features a trigger guard, and an ergonomic thumbhole stock, adding the impression of greater bulk. However, the M41B model lack these design features, possessing only a pistol grip and no trigger guard, resulting in a more skeletal overall appearance.[4]

The model used in October 2558, and the M41D variants used during the Battle for Zeta Halo, has a serial number of "00051405".[20][21]

John-117 with an M41 during Battle of Installation 05.


Though there have been various shoulder-launched rocket launchers in service with the United Nations Space Command armed forces since its creation, only the M41 rocket launcher has the tactical importance to be heavily manufactured.[5] The M41 SSR has been in service with the UNSC for decades since 2481,[3] predating even the Insurrection, during which it was used by the UNSC and the Insurrectionists.[10] Over time, the M41's role shifted from an anti-vehicular weapon to an all-purpose heavy weapon, even used in demolition purposes.[9] While it was obsolete before the Human-Covenant War began, it was not replaced by the M57 Pilum until the Created conflict to counter Promethean Knights.[10] However, even after it was replaced, it still saw use in War Games matches aboard the UNSC Infinity.[20]


  • M41 SPNKr EM: Improved variant with four rockets per magazine and the ability to lock onto ground and air vehicles.[20]
  • M41 SPNKr EX: Advanced variant that fires laser-guided cluster warhead rockets that detonate in proximity to enemies, releasing an effect similar to the fields of splinter grenades, albeit without the disintegration effect. It also produces a large red glare if used with Smart-Link.[20]
  • M41 SPNKr Prime: Mythic variant that fires fast, powerful rockets. Spartans that use the SPNKr Prime in War Games also get boosts to movement speed, shield strength, and jump height.[20]
  • M41B SPNKr: A variant with a pistol grip and no trigger guard, but features 2× magnification.[4]
  • M41D SPNKr: A variant with no magnification optics. Used during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[4][21]


Main article: Rocket Launcher

The M41 SPNKr and its variants are featured as a usable weapon in most of the Halo games, starting with Halo: Combat Evolved and continuing through to Infinite. In most of these, it is known as the "Rocket Launcher", though Halo 5: Guardians calls it the "SPNKr Rocket Launcher" as the name "Rocket Launcher" was given to the M57 Pilum instead. It is a power weapon, which fires slow-moving rockets that deal an incredible amount of damage upon detonation, with a wide area of effect. The Rocket Launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and to compensate, it has a small magazine size, slow reload speed and ammo is generally very rare.



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