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Mythic weapons are unique power weapons found in Halo 5: Guardians. Like most weapons in Warzone, Mythic weapons have custom stats that make them more effective than other types. However, Mythics are unique in that they grant passive Power-up effects on their wielders.

Mythic weapons in player's card Collection are marked by a unique three star emblem, regardless of REQ rarity. A few Mythic weapons, such as Nornfang, are available in the campaign, but they do not grant their power-up boosts when equipped.[1] With the exception of Prophets' Bane (during the multiplayer beta) and the M6D (in the final release), the Mythic weapons are absent from Arena maps and cannot be used in custom games but can be placed in Forge. Matchmaking Arena gametypes, such as Super Fiesta, can feature them.

List of Mythic weapons[edit]


  • M6D magnum: Equipped with a Speed Boost, a three shot kill and has unique death animations when a player is killed with it. (Added in Hammer Storm update)




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