Prophets' Bane

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The Prophets' Bane.

The Prophets' Bane, originally called End of Night,[1] is Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's personal energy sword.[2] The blade's name is a testament to 'Vadam's staunch opposition to the Prophets' leadership ever since the latter days of the Human-Covenant War and the beginning of the Great Schism. Like other high-ranking Sangheili, Thel 'Vadam had the ancient sword custom-upgraded by a master swordsmith[3] in Vadam keep.[1]


Thel 'Vadam with the Prophets' Bane during the Battle of Sunaion.

The Prophets' Bane is an ancient sword of the House of Vadam dating back before the ratification of the Writ of Union and the establishment of the Covenant. Formerly known as the "End of Night", the sword came to be recognized by its original user as more than a warrior's tool, but a weapon that possessed the warrior's heart. The blade was highly treasured and stored away to serve as a reservoir of glory and honor that can be redeemed in times of great need.[1]

Following the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, Arbiter Thel 'Vadam recovered the sword from the House of Vadam's vaults. Unusual among Sangheili, the Arbiter reforged and upgraded the blade in a way that apparently preserved its honor and history, but changed its destiny. Upgraded in the traditional Sangheili manner in his clan's own forge, 'Vadam insisted for the blade to incorporate components of the Type-1 energy sword that he used to assassinate the High Prophet of Truth during the Battle of Installation 00 in 2552. Like other Sangheili relic weapons, the Prophets' Bane was not named by its wielder, but rather by other Sangheili as 'Vadam's blade became a known instrument of change and self-determination across the Sangheili colonies.[1] Following the sword's upgrade, the Arbiter wielded the Prophets' Bane to slay his foes in the conflicts that followed the Covenant War, including the Blooding Years that engulfed much of Sanghelios.[4]


The Prophets' Bane is a mythic melee weapon in Halo 5: Guardians. In the multiplayer beta, it was featured on the map Truth as an ordinary weapon spawn in the Top Mid platform; it was the only mythic weapon available in the beta, and until the release of Hammer Storm's M6D, the only mythic weapon available in Arena. In the final release, it is available in Warzone as a Legendary REQ that costs Level 6 energy to use. It is also available on the campaign mission Osiris if the player shoots seven combat knives to unlock a hidden easter egg that also summons the Warden Eternal and an oversized Promethean Knight.

The weapon can be wielded exactly as a regular energy sword. It gives the player a passive movement buff when wielded, allowing the user to traverse distances much quicker than with other energy swords. Additionally, the lunge distance is greatly increased when zoomed in at the expense of the field of view, the motion tracker, and the ability to Sprint.[5] In the final version of the game, it is a Legendary REQ which comes with a built-in active camouflage generator that remains powered as long as the weapon is equipped. This function is disabled should the sword's battery be depleted.



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