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Ephyra system[1]



Greenhouse gases[1]

Surface temperature:

Dangerously hot[2][3]



Unidentified race (Extinct)[1][3]


  • Uninhabited[1][3]
  • Unidentified civilization (Formerly)[1][3]

Netherop, identified by the Covenant as Neska, is a greenhouse planet located within the Polona sector's Ephyra system.[1][4] Netherop was once home to a civilization of intelligent beings, but has been uninhabited for centuries.[3]


Many centuries ago, Netherop was home to an intelligent civilization.[1][3] This civilization ended, however, due to the great increases in temperature that resulted from greenhouse gases.[1][3] In the twenty-sixth century, it was known to the Unified Earth Government before the Covenant finally visited the planet in very early 2526.[5] On March 5 of that year, a single Covenant frigate, the Radiant Arrow, was holding position in orbit around the planet until it was boarded by three teams of Spartan-IIs, forcing the ship's self-destruction at the hands of its shipmaster.[6]


Netherop appears to be covered in a pall of dingy brown clouds, many of which rapidly expand in various swirls.[1][2] Netherop's atmosphere produces a thick corona and its mesosphere creates a pearl-colored haze.[2]

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