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The Covenant World Registry is a piece of documentation previously used and maintained by the Covenant, to record the empire's vast swaths of territory and its many recorded worlds—both colonial and barren in nature. As of 2559, a copy of the registry has been translated into English, making it accessible for use by humanity—especially for cross-referencing with the Military Survey of Uninhabited Planets or Earth Survey Catalog.[1]

While comprehensive in nature, the Covenant did not necessarily have a perfect index of their own territory, with several worlds missing and unrecorded in the various star charts and navigational databases (which may or may not include the World Registry). These include the Lekgolo homeworld Te, which was of little value to most Covenant spacefarers and thus had its location only particularly kept in the now-fallen High Charity,[2] and the Dazreme homeworld Reme—whose location was deliberately kept hidden by the San'Shyuum due to its strategic value.[3]

Planets listed in the registry commonly have two names. This may be for any number of reasons, with some of the more common including the world having a Sangheili and a San'Shyuum-assigned name (i.e. Malurok being alternatively referred to as Decided Heart). However, a world having two names is also commonly a sign that the planet was additionally named by the Forerunners; the planet N'ba was assigned multiple names in this manner: N'ba and Neska. N'ba is a Sangheili word roughly translating to "world of death", while Neska is a Forerunner word that translates to "Planet of Ghost Makers". In 2559, this note was picked up by xenoarchaelogist Keely Iyuska, who had been provided a careful and accurate transcription of the Forerunner name for the world by Eto 'Saljhoo—and used it to infer the presence of a potential superweapon on the planet to be used to fight against the Guardian Custodes of the Created.[1]

The registry was later consulted by the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam, who also investigated the N'ba entry and noted that the planet had been declared off-limits by the Prophet of Truth in 2526 due to the loss of two Covenant frigates over the planet—in reality a cover for the banishment of Nizat 'Kvarosee and his crew on the world.[1]

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