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Eto 'Saljhoo
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"Your wisdom is your greatest asset, Studymaster. But what I need is your expertise."
Atriox, regarding Eto 'Saljhoo.[2]

Eto 'Saljhoo is a Sangheili Studymaster serving in the Banished as the organisation's expert on all things Forerunner.[1]


Search for the Trikala[edit]

Eto 'Saljhoo worked as an expert on the Forerunners for the Banished, and seems to have been involved in extending co-operation in research for the Banished goals. In the post-war era, he worked with Cadence, a senior lecturer at Edinburgh University, to provide a massive round of research funding to enable Cadence to mount an expedition to find the remaining San'Shyuum flotilla that had escaped High Charity in 2552. During his work with Cadence, Eto was also put into contact with Keely Iyuska; a junior researcher specialising in lost civilisations. 'Saljhoo made contact with Iyuska, hiding his true allegiances with the Banished, and offered to fund her research on Netherop.[3] Around this time, 'Saljhoo had discovered records indicating the presence of some kind of ancient superweapon on the planet - which he nicknamed the "trikala" after the legendary spear of Sangheili myth.[1]

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During his time aboard Hammer of Fate, Eto 'Saljhoo dressed in a simple tabard. He keeps a large jeweller's lens in the pocket of the garment, which he uses for inspections.[4]

Personality and traits[edit]

'Saljhoo is an older Sangheili, and has long wrinkles over his eyebrows, watery grey eyes, and a set of mandibles that never seem to quite close. When nervous or in thought, he has a habit of grinding his mandibles together - to the annoyance of those around him. While working in the Banished, Eto's value lay in his ability to record and recall trivial information that most other people would forget, making him a foremost expert on the Forerunners. This value made Atriox more willing to overlook some of his more annoying habits.[1]

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