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Rosa Fuertes
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c. 2504[1]

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Pale green[1]

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Rosa Fuertes, formerly known as Roselle, is a member of the Castoffs, a group formerly consisting of human children and young adults who lived on the desolate world of Netherop prior to being rescued by the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team in June 2526. After this, Rosa lived in the village of Paraiso, within the jungles of Gao.[1]



Roselle was born on the desolate world of Netherop circa 2504. She and the other members of the Castoffs were descendants of pirates who had been marooned on the world several generations before. Roselle and Samson, her "mate," jointly led the Castoffs in their efforts to survive on Netherop. During their time on the planet, the Castoffs discovered and utilized technology and structures left behind by an advanced civilization which had long ago vanished.[1]

In June 2526, the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team took part in a mission on Netherop, during which time they encountered the Castoffs. To escape the harsh world, the Castoffs struck a bargain to help the Spartans in their mission in exchange for being rescued. Despite disputes about the terms of the agreement with the UNSC, Roselle and the rest of the Castoffs were extracted with Blue Team and then delivered to the Outer Colony of Gao to make a new home for themselves.[1]

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Life on Gao[edit]

After arriving on Gao, the Castoffs used the resettlement funds provided to them to purchase a plot of land in the jungle where they established the village of Paraiso. In a futile attempt to evade surveillance by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the entire band changed their names, with Roselle choosing "Rosa Fuertes" as her new name. Shortly after settling down in their new home, Samson left Rosa for a Gao woman, leading Rosa to hate him. She would continue to live in Paraiso for thirty-three years. By late 2559, Rosa had contracted a virulent prion disease and was diagnosed at the Hospital de Neiva.[1]

Near the end of 2559, xenoarchaeologist Keely Iyuska and Spartan-IV Olympia Vale visited Paraiso under the guise of medical researchers wanting samples of the disease. In reality, they wished to hire Rosa as a consultant to provide intel on Netherop as they prepared a return expedition. Upon arriving at Paraiso, a man by the name of Arnaldo refused to allow them to see Rosa and accused them of being ONI agents. At this, Rosa herself appeared in a window above Arnaldo, stating that this was not the deal that they had with the UNSC. They had agreed to not speak of the Spartans if the UNSC left them alone. Vale stated that they were not there to break the deal, and instead wanted to offer a new one. With some financial incentive and violent encouragement from Vale, the two women forced their way into Rosa's home with Arnaldo before the other armed guards watching on could react. As the guards attempted to enter through the door Vale had barred, Rosa came down the stairs and told Arnaldo to call off his men, revealing to him that she could tell Vale was a Spartan. As she dismissed Arnaldo as well, Rosa told Vale that she would be coming with them on their mission to Netherop despite her condition, saying that she would not allow any of the other Castoffs in Paraiso to return to that world. She also stipulated that they must leave the money they brought with them as payment. While Vale and Keely were hesitant to agree to let Rosa come with them, the two relented, with Vale asking if she was sure she wasn't too sick to join. Rosa stated that she would not let the disease kill her before she served her purpose on their mission.[1]

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Personality and traits[edit]

Rosa is stubborn and very protective of the other members of the Castoffs, with the exception of Samson, whom she resents.[1]

As of late 2559, Rosa has weather-lined face with a square jaw, broad cheeks, and sunken eyes with pale green irises.[1]

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