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Samson is a member of the Castoffs, a group formerly consisting of human children and young adults who lived on the desolate world of Netherop prior to being rescued by the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team in June 2526.[1]



Samson was born on the world of Netherop along with the other members of the Castoffs, all descendants of pirates who had been marooned on the world several generations earlier. Samson and Roselle, his "mate," jointly led the Castoffs as they struggled to survive on Netherop.[1]

In June 2526, the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team took part in a mission on Netherop, during which time they encountered the Castoffs. In order to escape the harsh world, the Castoffs struck a bargain to help the Spartans in their mission in exchange for being rescued. Despite disputes about the terms of the agreement with the UNSC, Samson and the rest of the Castoffs were extracted alongside Blue Team and delivered to the Outer Colony of Gao.[1]

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Life on Gao[edit]

After arriving on Gao, the Castoffs used the resettlement funds provided to them to purchase a plot of land in the jungle where they established the village of Paraiso. In a failed attempt to avoid ONI surveillance, the entire group changed their names, though it is unknown what Samson chose. Shortly after settling down in their new home, Samson left Rosa for a Gao woman, leading Rosa to hate him. In 2556, Samson was incarcerated by the Gao Ministry of Justice and remained in prison by late 2559.[1]

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