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The Castoffs are a group of human children, the descendants of pirates who had once been marooned on the planet of Netherop.


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At some time in the 25th or early 26th centuries, the Castoffs' ancestors had worked as pirates in the Outer Colonies, preying on the freighters and colony ships serving the distant network of far-flung worlds. Eventually, these pirates were apprehended and ultimately marooned on the inhospitable greenhouse world Netherop, despite the practice's outlawing in the Uniform Code of Military Justice and Planetary Penal Code under Colonial Administration Authority ruling. With such a cruel fate, the Castoffs' ancestors had been expected to die on Netherop stranded in the outermost limits of human space. However, the stranded pirates instead discovered the remnants of a long-dead civilisation on Netherop, and were able to use the planet's remnant networks of cities and ancient technology to survive on Netherop - if not thrive. John-117 estimated that those who had originally come to Netherop may have been around the mid-2470s - roughly fifty years prior to Blue Team's own adventure on the planet in 2526.[1]


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The Castoffs were all adolescents who had likely never known a life outside of Netherop; as such their culture and attitude toward the greater human civilisation was somewhat unique. The Castoffs only had a limited amount of knowledge, and did not understand the concept of a year.[1]

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