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This article is based on canon information, but the article's name is conjectural, as there is currently no official name for the subject. See the talk page for more information.
Tem'Bhetek's faction
Government overview


Terrorist organization


Head of state:

  • Tem'Bhetek (formerly)
  • Boru'a'Neem[1]
Societal overview


Prototype Halo installation

Official religion(s):


Notable event(s):

Attack on Rahnelo, Ambush at Duraan, and Battle of the prototype Halo installation

Technology level:

Tier 2

Historical overview


After December 11, 2552: Dissolution of the Covenant


2553: Battle of the prototype Halo installation[3]


This faction was primarily composed of Jiralhanae and was led by San'Shyuum. Following the end of the war, those who sided with the Covenant during the Great Schism faced many hardships. The near extinct San'Shyuum had retreated into hiding, while many Jiralhanae continued to wage war against the Sangheili.[4] After losing his family during the fall of High Charity,[5] a San'Shyuum prelate named Tem'Bhetek created the faction alongside Boru'a'Neem to seek revenge against the Sangheili.[6]



When the Great Schism occurred, the Covenant was divided in two. The majority of the San'Shyuum and Jiralhanae remained loyal to the Covenant while, the Sangheili led the forces abandoning the empire. As a San'Shyuum, Prelate Tem'Bhetek found himself on the side of the Covenant, led by the High Prophet of Truth. During the battle of High Charity, Tem's family was killed by the Flood invasion,[5] and blamed their death on the Sangheili's interference. Minister Boru'a'Neem promised he would help Tem avenge his family's death if they escaped together. After their escape, they went into hiding as the Covenant was defeated at the hands of the Sangheili and UNSC forces. Following the war's end, Tem and Boru created a new faction.

This new faction employed species who were on the losing side of the Covenant civil war, and was predominantly composed of Jiralhanae. Aware of the truth about the Halo Array, 'Bhetek and a'Neem forsook the Covenant religion entirely, though many of their Jiralhanae subordinates continued to cling onto their beliefs in the "Great Journey" despite the two San'Shyuum publicly proclaiming the concept as false.[2]


After being defeated by the Sangheili, this faction sought revenge against their species. Unlike Boru'a'Neem, Tem'Bhetek had a smaller scale, more personal vendetta against Rtas 'Vadum and the Shadow of Intent, as he viewed them responsible for the death of his family. Unknown to Tem'Bhetek, the faction planned to use a prototype Halo installation to commit genocide against the Sangheili species by activating it near Sanghelios.[7]

The faction's first target was the Sangheili colony of Rahnelo. Using the CRS-class light cruiser Spear of Light, Tem lead Jiralhanae forces to attack the civilians on the planet's surface. The Sangheili civilians defended themselves to some extent taking several Jiralhanae with them but ultimately lost the battle. Tem had successfully kidnapped Kaidon Tulum 'Juranai and his two sons, and later executed them as test subjects for the activation of the prototype Halo installation. The attack on Rahnelo served as the first part of the faction's plan to lure in the Shadow of Intent.

Following the massacre, the faction proceeded to attack another Sangheili colony, Duraan. The Shadow of Intent engaged the faction's Spear of Light but failed to destroy it due to the interference of the planet's sun. The crew of the Spear of Light then boarded the Shadow of Intent attempting to take over the ship. A firefight ensued throughout the hanger bay and several decks of the ship. All the Jiralhanae forces were killed and Tem was taken prisoner.

Rtas 'Vadum located the faction's headquarters from the Spear of Light's database and took the Shadow of Intent to the prototype Halo installation to destroy it. Tem had managed to escape and return to Boru'a'Neem inside the installation where he learned the truth about what happened to his family. When High Charity fell, Boru had told Tem that his family was dead in order to escape. Realizing that his family was still alive for some time and that he could have potentially saved them, Tem felt betrayed by Boru. Now taking full control of the faction, Boru ordered several Yanme'e to open fire on Tem, wounding him further. Rtas and his soldiers fought the last of the faction's forces at the installation. Realizing who his true enemies were, Tem destroyed the installation ultimately helping Rtas and his soldiers escape. After the destruction of the installation, the faction ceased to exist.

Military structure[edit]

As in the Covenant hegemony after the Great Schism, Tem's faction was made up of the primary member species that remained loyal to the Covenant against the ejected Sangheili.

Classes San'Shyuum Yanme'e Jiralhanae
Ranks and type classes
Standard ranks
Minors Minors
Specialized troops Prelate Stalkers
Veterans Majors Majors
Leaders Chieftain
Political Minister

List of apperances[edit]


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