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Gao Liberation Force
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Ascot: "Gao? Isn't that where you're from?"
Nyeto: "That's right. Place is filthy with insurrectionists."
Halima Ascot and Hector Nyeto discuss Gao's insurrectionist leanings.[1]

The Gao Liberation Force, or GLF, was an insurrectionist group operating primarily around the planet Gao during the eponymous conflict.[2]



During the Insurrection, the GLF worked alongside the Venezian Militia several times due to their planets' proximity.[2]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

By 2526, the GLF was still recently-established, and had yet to encounter the UNSC's SPARTAN-IIs. Nonetheless, it was one of many rebel groups summoned to a meeting organised by United Rebel Front General Harper Garvin and Bellicose captain Lyrenne Castilla to discuss the emergence of the Covenant threat and how it may affect the Insurrection. The GLF sent Petora Zoyas as an envoy, hoping to develop a leadership role for the developing Insurrectionist coalition. To do this, Zoyas provided the information she had on the SPARTAN program, noting that the GLF had an inside agent within Task Force Yama. Zoyas proceeded to inform the coalition of Operation: SILENT STORM and the plans to use Biko as a staging ground, later encouraging the coalition to try and make an alliance with the aliens, using them to kill the SPARTAN supersoldiers.[2]

The coalition force set up a base in the ice quarries on the moon of Seoba, establishing numerous Civet AFVs, hundreds of infantry and M41 Vulcan anti-air guns. Unfortunately for them, the quarry had also been selected for use by Task Force Yama, and the resulting battle saw the foiling of this plan.[3]


The GLF was controlled by Gao Ministry of Protection clerk Arlo Casille, who ran the organisation from within his cramped office - right under the noses of the Colonial Military Authority.[2]

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