National Holiday

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National Holiday
Production information

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

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Human civilians


National Holiday was a human luxury liner starship in service in the mid-2520s.[1]


Insurrection attack[edit]

The liner was attacked in 2524 by two unmanned orbital taxis sent by a human Insurrectionist organization above the planet Reach. The liner was just completing its load-in of more than 1,500 civilian passengers on a charter tour departing for Arcadia.

The liner's captain thought that the taxis were bringing late-arriving passengers, but when they were hailed and failed to comply with his docking commands, the captain attempted to initiate evasive maneuvers.


Unfortunately, due to the amount of explosives that were packed into the two taxis and the ensuing explosion, National Holiday was unable to get far enough away and was subsequently torn in half.

The captain, while unable to maneuver, calmly directed other ships out of the path of National Holiday before it dropped into the atmosphere of Reach, burning up the liner and killing all crew, personnel and passengers. The explosion was also large enough to burn away the hull paint of every other ship within a two kilometer radius.

The Office of Naval Intelligence withheld information on the terrorist attack. It was instead reported as an accident.

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