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UNSC Fleet Command (FLEETCOM), also known as Fleet Operations Command is the primary operations group of the United Nations Space Command Navy, responsible for ship deployment, mission structures, and space operations.[1] It is subordinate to the UNSC Naval Command. All naval vessels report through FLEETCOM and the commanding admirals of the UNSC.

FLEETCOM has two known headquarters, one on the planet Reach in New Alexandria, and another in Sydney, Australia, on Earth.


FLEETCOM has participated in nearly every UNSC space battle to date in some way. either minor or major. FLEETCOM designates orders to UNSC fleets during interstellar warfare operations.

In 2517, FLEETCOM Headquarters on Reach ordered Lieutenant Jacob Keyes to pilot the Han for Doctor Catherine Halsey to evaluate the SPARTAN-II candidates.[2]

During the Fall of Reach, FLEETCOM HQ commanded over 150 vessels of the Epsilon Eridani Fleet as well as the twenty orbital defense platforms when the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice invaded the colony. Nonetheless, Reach was glassed, with FLEETCOM HQ being one of the first headquarters to fall.


UNSC Fleet Command is the primary operational group of the UNSC's naval forces. FLEETCOM has oversight of ship deployment, mission structures, and space operations, including troop transport and space fighter operations.[1] FLEETCOM is dominated by the UNSC Navy, with token representation by the UNSC Marine Corps. Fleet Command is responsible for the security of Unified Earth Government space and transport of UNSC combat forces to far-flung battles.[3]

The command is headed by the Secretary of Fleet Command.[4] FLEETCOM also operates a Criminal Investigation Division (CID), which presumably investigates crimes involving Navy or Marine personnel.[5] Fleet Command contains its own Special Operations Command, which in turn works with and guides Naval Special Warfare - one of the other task commands of the UNSC.[6]

FLEETCOM sectors[edit]

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A sector is a region of space as identified by the United Nations Space Command. Sectors usually contain several star systems, some of which contain UNSC colony worlds. Other sectors contain no planets at all.

The UNSC Navy designates sectors as "FLEETCOM Sector (number)" to denote the division of command the sector's inhabitants fall under. Other sectors are simply designated "Sector (letter)-(three numbers)".

There are three known FLEETCOM sectors:

Fleet ships[edit]

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FLEETCOM controls a variety of different types of ships and vessels, each designed and utilized in battle-specific roles in interstellar warfare. Below is a listing of some of the types of vessels that are incorporated in a standard UNSC fleet:

  • Corvette – A patrol and fast-attack vessel, occasionally used in scouting or intelligence-gathering operations.
  • Frigate – These relatively small and lightly armed ships typically escort larger vessels.
  • Destroyer – Similar to frigates, UNSC destroyers also provide escort for larger ships, though they are more capable of direct combat.
  • Cruiser – A handful of these large, heavily armed, and heavily armored capital warships that emphasize armor and weaponry over fighter/troop deployment can be seen in a standard UNSC fleet.
  • Carrier – A small amount of these massive ships that deploy fighter ships and groundside troops can be seen in a standard UNSC fleet.
  • Battleship - Large ships equipped with powerful ship-to-ship weapons.

FLEETCOM personnel[edit]

Known admirals of the UNSC Navy:

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