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New Alexandria
New Alexandria as seen in the Halo: Fleet Battles books


Eposz, Reach

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New Alexandria City Council


"Look at this place. Used to be the crown jewel...not anymore."

New Alexandria was a metropolitan city located on the supercontinent Eposz, on the human Inner colony world of Reach.[2] The city was located on the shores of an ocean.[3]

In 2552, the city was attacked and partially glassed by the Covenant.[1] By 2610, the city was at least partially rebuilt.[4]


The New Alexandria starport, with the city center in the background.[5]


In the city center, a central MagLev train line connected some of the buildings, terminating at the Nomolos Tower. Closer to the city's cargo port, numerous container transport tracks crisscrossed in the space between the lower levels of the buildings. Three space elevators as part of the Delphi Triple-Strand Network were located on the ocean north-west of the city. Notably, the city was also the location of the UNSC's Fleet Command Headquarters and the ONI Olympic Tower.[1] Two known areas of the city are Downtown New Alexandria (which housed the Sinoviet Center) and Lower New Alexandria (which was home to Caracalla Park).[6]



Known residents[edit]


In 2522, Marcus Hudson was born in New Alexandria.[7]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

Main article: Siege of New Alexandria

Throughout the war with the Covenant, the population of New Alexandria largely lived carefree under the assumption that the attacks occurring in the Outer Colonies would never happen to them.[7]

The city became the target of a Covenant attack during the Fall of Reach in 2552, which resulted in the five-day Siege of New Alexandria. Although several civilian transports successfully evacuated the city thanks to the efforts of Noble Six, the city was ultimately glassed by the Covenant.[1][5]

Post War[edit]

At some point after the Human-Covenant War the city was reconstructed to some effort, and a statue to Noble Team was built at Hősök tere as a memorial.[4]

Government and society[edit]

A view of New Alexandria, showing the city's characteristic terraced architecture.[5]

The city was governed by the New Alexandria City Council.[5]

Architecture and infrastructure[edit]

Unlike on Earth, where most cities have grown across the centuries and often feature a mix of architecture from different eras, New Alexandria and Reach's other cities were "planned communities"; the buildings and infrastructure were prefabricated units designed and built into a cohesive urban habitat from the start.[8] The city's architecture and overall design reflected this; conventional streets were a rarity, and a large part of the city consisted of massive high rises of sleek design.[5] Connecting the skyscrapers were lofty, garden concourses letting pedestrians have scenic travel paths.[6]


New Alexandria is the setting for two campaign missions in Halo: Reach: Exodus and New Alexandria. Both of which depict the city at different times in different weather conditions. New Alexandria is also the setting for two multiplayer maps, Boardwalk and Reflection as well as the Firefight map Beachhead.

Production notes[edit]

New Alexandria was apparently known as "Manassas" during the development of Halo: Reach.[9][10] However, New Alexandria and Manassas were turned into separate locations.


New Alexandria is possibly named after the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria, founded by and named for Alexander the Great. It is also possible, its name may also refer to the US city of Alexandria, Virginia.


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