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HaloReach - Reflection.jpg
Map overview


Halo: Reach


SinoViet Center, New Alexandria, Reach


Building interior with an Oriental/Zen-like theme

Gameplay overview
Reach's elite mix business with pleasure, building lavish penthouses atop soaring corporate ivory towers.[1]

Reflection is a multiplayer map in Halo: Reach, set in the SinoViet HM Tower in New Alexandria.[2] It is a remake of the popular Halo 2 map Ivory Tower.[3]


While Reflection's map geometry, weapon placements and spawns are identical to those of Ivory Tower, the map has a new aesthetic design that abandons the more minimalist look of the original in favor of a more detailed oriental theme.[3] Reflection is set inside the SinoViet HM Center in New Alexandria on the planet Reach. Prominent materials in the building include metal and marble, as well as warm wood floors polished to a high gloss finish. It also has massive glass windows, with a view of the mountains outside and the New Alexandria skyline. The Chinese characters for 'south' () and 'north' () can be seen higher up on the walls. A turning hologram of Reach is suspended above the central hall.


  • Entrance
  • Zen Garden
  • Walkway
  • Water Ramp
  • Water Balcony
  • Grass Ramp
  • West View
  • Kai Rends
  • East View
  • High Balcony
  • Balcony Hall
  • Back Hall
  • Elevator Shaft
  • Law Hall
  • Koi Ponds


A koi fish on Reflection.
  • According to the environmental artist Ken Taya who created the new aesthetics on Reflection, the map has the biggest cube map in the entire game, due to the unusually large amount of reflective surfaces.[2]
  • You can shoot and kill the koi in the koi ponds. When killed the fish simply stop moving, though the player can still shoot, melee and grenade them. The dead koi will remain so long as the player interacts with them; a short time after the player stops, the corpses disappear.
  • Besides making reference to the Halo 2 level, Ivory Tower, Reflection also makes reference to the literary term in the description and setting, as the map has a very upscale setting in which the elite of society on Reach reside in and do not bother with the day-to-day issues that those below them experience.
  • When porting the level from Campaign's New Alexandria level to Multiplayer, Bungie left the entrance to one of the Campaign buildings in the Multiplayer version. The area is untextured, however.[4]