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Halo: Reach

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Forge World

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:

8-16 players[1]

From on high this artifice appears to be an island paradise, but only under close scrutiny is its true purpose revealed.[1]

Paradiso is a map variant of Forge World.[1] Built on the Island, Paradiso features two bases at either end of the horseshoe of the island, with a large neutral building and raised catwalks along the cliff face in the lowest part of the horseshoe.


When starting a Slayer match on Paradiso, if you get to drive the tank beside your base, wait for a moment, as the opposite team's Banshee will probably fly over the middle of the map, exposing itself to you. If you can destroy it, your team will have a lot less trouble when traveling across the map.

Alternatively, if you happen to get a Banshee at the beginning of a match, stay on your side of the map until the opposite team's Scorpion is at your end of the map. then head for the other end of the map. Also, flying a Banshee low to the ground and on the outskirts of the map is much safer then to go above the mountain, as you can prevent a lot of small arms damage.

Players will occasionally head up to the top of the mountain with a DMR or Sniper rifle to snipe any re-spawning enemies or to destroy any vehicles at their base. Most commonly a Banshee or Scorpion.


  • This map is very popular for big team slayer due to its numerous vehicle set, and because of the different fighting styles it offers.
  • This map's name appears to be a reference to Paradiso (Paradise), the third part of Dante's Divine Comedy, though this is unconfirmed.
  • The blue base seems to give players a starting advantage due to the mountain close-by which gives snipers a higher vantage point.