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An early "map" of the planned campaign structure for Reach.

During the production of Halo: Reach, many levels were cut or otherwise massively re-worked.

Lehto's original plan[edit]

Early in the game's production, game director Marcus Lehto came up with an early draft for the game's campaign, which he later shared on Twitter.[1][2][3]

Mission 0 - Training[edit]

Mission 1 - Infantry battle[edit]

Mission 2 - Ground vehicle battle[edit]

Mission 3 - Boat level[edit]

Mission 4 - Aircraft level[edit]

Mission 5 - Sniper level[edit]

Mission 6 - Hold the line[edit]

Mission 7 - Space level[edit]

Mission 8 - Supply convoy attack[edit]

Mission 9 - City level[edit]

Mission 10 - Last Great Battle[edit]

Production levels[edit]

Driving a Scarab[edit]

While the Type-47B Scarab did ultimately make its way into the final game as a low-poly background entity on the levels Tip of the Spear and The Pillar of Autumn (with the latter level also featuring a more detailed, non-interactive setpiece Scarab at one point in the mission), early ideas for the game's campaign were to have the player character able to drive the Scarab. Early ideas for the level New Alexandria would have seen the player drive the Scarab in the remains of the post-glassing city. Prototypes for the Scarab were made and the physics involved described by Chris Ophdal as "sweet", though the Scarab was ultimately considered unsustainable - especially with the high engine cost needed to run the level. Ultimately, the drivable Scarab was scrapped and New Alexandria was transformed into an aerial mission focusing on the Falcon instead.[4][5]

Cut dialogue for the missions Tip of the Spear and Exodus shows that early plans for these levels were for both to feature Scarab encounters similar to those featured in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, though all were cut.


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