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Lee Wilson.

Lee R. Wilson,[1] also known as Phlegm Brulee, was an English artist at Bungie Studios. He moved to America to pursue a career in film production in 1991. In 1992, he lived in several places, including Chicago and Los Angeles, following his work. In 1995 he moved to New York to attend film school. His ultimate goal was to be a film director, but he was first distracted by video games. In February 2005, he moved to Seattle and was hired at Bungie.

He left Bungie for Sucker Punch Productions in 2012, to work on the Infamous series.[2]

Lee Wilson Stats (on Bungie.net)[edit]

First Job: Cleaning my room

Hobby: Telling new mothers they have ugly babies.

Ultimate Halo Match: Driving painfully slow through a free-for-all slayer match on the Mongoose while beeping my horn to the tune of the latest Miley Cyrus hit.

Ultimate Snack: Full English Breakfast.

Ultimate Website: comments@whitehouse.gov

Mode of Transport: I just cab it and expense it to Microsoft.

Fake Weapon: Static Electricity


For the last 30 yrs I walked the earth serving justice to those who would prey on the weak and disenfranchised. I finally got tired of that and took a job at Bungie for all the sweet swag. Rant

I'm not a fan of folks who trim their nails in public places.


  • He served as a storyboard artist for Halo 2.[3]
  • A Lee Wilson is credited for this same role in Halo: Combat Evolved. However, this Lee Wilson appears to be the only one who has ever worked on Halo. It is not clear if he worked for Bungie before they hired him, or if there was another Lee Wilson doing the exact same thing as he.
  • Lee Wilson has a Halo 3 multiplayer achievement named after him, the Lee R. Wilson Memorial, where you have to stick 5 people in a single game of ranked free for all playlist. It is named after him because he frequently uses grenades to stick his opponents.