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Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia




August 9th


Studied at QUT Gardens Point

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"I'm going alright mate. The heat has slacked off for now, but it'll prob..."
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"Wow, talk about total opposites."
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"Right now we're melting down here, with temperatures over 30 celcius (86..."
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"G'Day mate."
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"It's cool mate, happy new year!"
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"Your holidays, over here, being the middle of summer, we get 6-8 weeks...."
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Favorite Halo moment

After getting killed in a Halo Reach match I was being t-bagged by my killer, but one of his teammates was walking past and shotgunned him in the face for t-bagging me.

Worst Halo moment

Having to repeat the same stage in the level Cortana in Halo 3 over and over and over again... on Legendary.

Anything else

On Assault on the Control Room in Halo 1, I threw a plasma grenade into a group of Hunters and Grunts and my mate jumped right in the middle of the group when the grenade went off.

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well thats good. right now im cold went from 30 degrees celceus to -15 degrees celceus


we just got a blizzard but otherwise great also!


2 weeks and sorry im so late in answering