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Other Information
MoviesStar Wars, Bridget Jones's Diary, Sex and the City and more!
MusicAlizée, Ayumi Hamasaki, Finnish pop music, etc.
Video gamesThe Legend of Zelda series, (Super) Mario series
Edits 755
Personal Information
Real nameJack Phoenix
LocationTurku, Finland
HometownTurku, Finland and other Wikimedia Foundation sites, such as the English Wikipedia, ShoutWiki, Brickipedia, and many, many more...
Places I've livedTurku, Finland
About meHi, I'm Jack Phoenix, a MediaWiki developer. I maintain the social tools as well as the Nimbus skin, which are used on Halopedia, in addition to a variety of other stuff.

On Halopedia, I'm an administrator (verify), so if you need any help or have found a bug in the software, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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As an Admin of Halopedia. Are you able to join the Halopedia Discord server? Info down below.

If you join please mention me with @CIA391#6775 so I can promote you on it.


hey halo is awesome next to black ops 2 and this is no site for slaying the magic dragon


Hello Jack, I was wondering if you could maybe help me set up a (for-profit) "wiki foundation" for this site?:

I'm willing to pay you if necessary, I just know you're good at MediaWiki and I'm horrible at it. :P Feel free to e-mail me at for details if you accept.


Hi, I've been having a few thoughts about our redirects, and Subtank directed me to you an Porplemontage. At the moment, when one types into the search bar, both articles and redirects appear in the drop-down menu. Many of these redirects are redundant or have poorly-written titles, and I believe they make the wiki look unprofessional. Deleting these redirects (and deciding which ones should be kept) would be a phenomenal task, so I'm wondering if there's a way of altering the coding so redirects don't appear in the drop down menu. Is this possible?

Hey im trying to edit the page: i make the edits, but it wont save them. Help? ~~~~ 

Whoa, a lot of JS being added. I thought the FadeToggle would work find without the rest. Even tested it in different wikis before I asked Nicmavr to add it in Halopedia. :O


ther was a person with yuor same name that baned me for nothing i swear im here to ask you if it was you