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Cut Halo 5: Guardians vehicles

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During the development of Halo 5: Guardians, a number of various vehicles were concepted and prototyped by 343 Industries for inclusion in the game, though were ultimately cut for various reasons.


Early Wasp[edit]

An early version of what seems to be the AV-49 Wasp can be found in the Halo 5: Guardians Local Server app. The model has no assigned UV unwrap, materials or textures and appears to be entirely placeholder.[1]

Mining mechs[edit]

These mining mechs were concepted by Gabriel Garza, though were ultimately-seemingly never developed further than these sketches. They depict a number of mechs intended for use by the mining outfit of Liang-Dortmund Corporation on Meridian.[2]

Forerunner socket system[edit]

One idea thrown around during development involved the "socket" system, intended for use on Forerunner vehicles. The system seems to be such that vehicles would have multiple different ability cores that could be swapped out onto various hardpoints, including a Weapon Core (used to fire a beam weapon), an Ability Core (that deploys an energy shield array) and a Deployer Core (which deploys some sort of drone to help defend the vehicle).

Forerunner tanks[edit]

Some of the Forerunner vehicles concepted for the socket system consist of two tank-like vehicles. The first consists of the "boomerang tank-carrier", which appears to have multiple turrets comprised of multiple "cannon pods". The cannon pods are an independent vehicle in of themselves, which can then mount themselves onto the boomerang tank-carrier to act as turrets.

The second vehicle featured is a "socket tank", which also utilises the cannon pod inside the main body. It is unclear how much crossover this would have with the aforementioned socket system.

Other vehicles[edit]

Several other vehicle or vehicle-adjacent ideas were concepted by Richards, though given considerably less design iteration. Some of these concepts also showcase a similar implementation for several cut enemy units.


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