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During the development of Halo 3, a number of levels were cut or changed dramatically.

Cut campaign levels[edit]

Guardian Forest[edit]

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Guardian Forest was a cut level[1] set either between The Ark and The Covenant[2] or after The Covenant but before Cortana. The level was set in a large forest on Installation 00 and was to feature a new enemy, the Guardian.[3][4]

Early campaign levels[edit]


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An early version of Cortana was supposed to feature more High Charity specific geometry but this was cut.[5] Instead parts of the level Floodgate was split a part with some of that geometry becoming the Cortana that was released.[6]

Development and testing levels[edit]

The Lost City[edit]

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The Lost City was a visual look-development level.[7] The level was based around the idea of a Forerunner city, composed of a single building.[8] The space had grown immense in size.[7] An art pass was done on the level in 2005 before it was cut.[9]


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