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This article is about the Bungie employee. For other Chrises, see Chris.
Chris Barrett in the ViDoc O Brave New World.

Christopher (Chris) Barrett is an employee at Bungie Studios.


Christopher Barrett joined Bungie in 2000. In 2001, when Halo: Combat Evolved was released, Barrett was credited as an artist on Bungie's team.[1] During Halo 2's development, Barrett was working as a Lead environment artist.[2] He also worked as a campaign environment lead.[3] Barrett did additional art direction in Halo 3: ODST and additional environment art in Halo: Reach.[4][5]

Notably, he worked on the campaign level Metropolis in Halo 2, and is most known from his personal Easter Egg; Tterrab Industries.

Gameography[edit] Profile[edit]

  • Nickname: Barry
  • Classification: GrizzledAncients
  • Current Job: Environment Art Director
  • Origin: Burlington, VT
  • Blood Type: Classified
  • Age: Classified
  • Weight: Classified
  • Height: Classified
  • Girth: Classified
  • First Job: Classified
  • Hobby: Classified
  • Ultimate Halo Match: Classified
  • Ultimate Snack: Classified
  • Ultimate Website: Classified
  • Mode of Transport: Classified
  • Fake Weapon: Classified
  • Biography: Chris has contributed to multiple projects at Bungie including Myth II, Myth II: Chimera, Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2.[6]