Urinating Brute

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The Urinating Brute is an Easter egg found on the Halo 3 level The Ark.


When you reach the room with sleeping Grunts, continue further towards the back of the room and there is a Brute urinating in a corner. Originally, he has his hands in front of him, but after a short time he will move his hands behind his head and then shake the excess urine off himself. After a while he will move into the main hallway and get into position waiting for intruders. The Easter Egg can also be seen later in the level during the series of rooms directly before reaching the Cartographer.


  • The Brute is not always the same rank, however it's almost always a Captain. Usually if the Brute is a higher rank it will notice you more quickly.
  • If you watch the Brute on Theater mode, he seems to be "zipping" or "pulling" up his pants before turning around.