Four Banshees on The Package

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The Four Banshees easter egg is an easter egg in Halo: Reach. It allows the players to fly four Banshees on the level The Package. Activating this easter egg on Halo: The Master Chief Collection will unlock the Fly, You Fools! achievement.


Note: This guide uses the pictures in the gallery below for a better understanding, so check the gallery if any problems occur.

First off, start The Package with at least two players (skulls are irrelevant). Clear the first area, but make sure you have at least one Type-32 Ghost left driveable! Use the Ghost to push the crate away, showing nothing but wall. Keep at least 1 player near this wall while the other(s) claim the Scorpion. Clear the tower and some forces nearby which may kill you.

Jump in the water behind the rock, a soft-kill barrier is active here, and turn the green switch present. When this switch is turned the wall cleared earlier now holds a similar switch, let player 2 turn it quickly, because it will disappear forever after around ten seconds.

When this switch is also turned on first glance, nothing happens (you won’t hear any sound from it). But on the other building’s roof now stand 4 Banshees to be flown throughout the rest of the level. When these Banshees are all destroyed they can only be returned by restarting the level and following the steps all over again.

This easter egg is extremely helpful in Legendary, especially if you prefer fast transportation.

Activating the easter egg will cause the anti-air turrets to become indestructible, therefore if the player intends to continue on and complete the level, they must destroy the turrets before activating the easter egg.