Strutting Jun and Emile

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Strutting Jun and Emile is an Easter Egg in Halo: Reach. It causes the player's teammates Jun-A266 and Emile-A239 to start walking around weaponless with their chests pumped out, appearing to be strutting in a confident manner. It can only be triggered on the level The Package.


The Easter Egg is activated by one of the level's hidden switches, used earlier in the Four Banshees on The Package Easter Egg. Activate them, then play through the rest of level. Your allies will continue to act normally until midway through the level, when Carter tells NOBLE Team that they will have to go through the maintenance, since the elevator is out. Once you reach the catwalks, Jun and Emile will lose their weapons and begin walking with a strut. They will return to normal once the player initiates the cutscene.


  • Though Emile and Jun will not fight, they will still activate their Armor Lock and say battle cries and combat dialogue.
  • Carter is the only NOBLE Team ally who is not affected. He will continue to fight by the player.
  • Emile and Jun's arms may occasionally glitch and have their lower arm be bent inside their upper arm.
  • Occasionally after the door to the relay outpost near the end of Winter Contingency closes, Kat will stand up from the door panel and strut in a similar manner. This instance is most likely a glitch rather than an easter egg, as there is no known trigger for it.